Remember when Lenny Henry advertised the Premier Inn? He calmly told us all what a great nights sleep we’d have by staying with them. If you went and stayed in a Premier Inn, his squishy face was littered throughout reminding you that you’d sleep really well too. Admittedly, it was a bit like a broken record, but to be fair to Premier Inn, I’ve generally slept well when I’ve stayed in one. It would seem Lenny, in person at least, has been ditched, and Premier Inn have changed direction in their advertising.

Now, they have two separate adverts, targeting men and women in each one, and quite frankly, they are a bit (lot) sexist..

“Whether it’s a girl’s night out, or you’re away working with the lads, see from our latest TV ads why Premier Inn is always a great place to start…”

Let’s take a look at the ‘Ladies’ advert

For a start – how many ‘Mums on the town’ get their OWN room? Isn’t it more likely that there would be at least three of them shoe-horned into the same room? As cheap as Premier Inn – it’s not THAT cheap. Anyway.. it continues – they have HAIRDRYERS IN EVERY ROOM! That’s definitely what women want, a hairdryer – because that’s all you’re about, making your hair look pretty – clearly. Which hotels DON’T have hairdryers in every room? I know that there are really budget places that don’t, but seriously – it’s pretty much a ‘thing’ in hotel rooms.

Our gaggle of Mums then go down to the Premier Inn bar where the attractive bar man, John, pops their cork. I’ve NEVER seen a Premier Inn bar filled with such pretty people. The only fleeting moment of realism is the slightly pudgy Premier Inn employee with his creepy ‘Night Ladies’ and unironed shirt.

Unless I’m missing something, are ALL women fussed about when choosing a hotel is the fact they can dry their hair? Premier Inn think so.

The ‘Mens’ advert is worse..

Ahh yes.. Men – REAL men want a powerful shower to wash their highly toned bodies (have you EVER seen a scaffolder that looks like this?!). We all require plenty of room to do your ‘Insanity’ work out before rushing downstairs and ‘smashing down’ an Unlimited Breakfast’ (Options and prices vary. Excludes certain locations). Not before giving a cheeky wave to the pretty receptionist (LAD!) and then heading off for a hard days work being all macho on a building site.

Do we need these segregated adverts?

No.. Of course not. I think men and women want the same thing from a hotel room – whatever the price. Clean rooms, comfy beds, thick curtains, free WiFi, and power sockets by the bed.

Sure – it doesn’t make so much of a ‘fun’ advert – but do we really need these vomit inducing stereotypes? Do women JUST care about looking pretty and having their looks validated by everyone? Are chaps about eating unlimited breakfasts, and giving the receptionist a cursory ‘eye’? No – off course not. It’s just a little bit of everyday sexism from Premier Inn.

As annoying as Lenny Henry got – Premier Inn have dropped the ball with these stupid ads.

6 thoughts on “Everyday Sexism from the Premier Inn

  1. mrsteepot says:

    This BS makes me so angry! I haven’t seen the ads (and didn’t watch the embedded vids because I didn’t want to be wound up!) but man this kind of thing has to stop!

  2. Katie Haydock says:

    WAIT!!!!! Premier Inn’s breakfast are unlimited?! I’ve been missing out all this time… If Premier Inn could see what my hair looks like styled with a hairdryer alone they’d soon feel silly. My step-dad is a scaffolder. He does not look like this…

  3. CR7 says:

    it’s just an ad for a hotel, geez get a grip. If this sort of stuff annoys you it’s time to re-evaluate some priorities!

    Also the tone is very self aware and tongue in cheek. It’s stereotyping for fun as opposed to a misplaced world view,

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