I’ve been a vegetarian for over year now, and it’s surprised me how easy it’s been.

When I first removed any meat based products from my diet, I did think I’d struggle to dine out in restaurants and also be able to keep an interesting diet. I realised that I was wrong pretty quickly. Going out for meals is usually pretty straightforward, some restaurants are better than others. Usually at slightly lower end, especially pubs, it’s a struggle – the choice is normally pasta or salad – a veggie burger if you’re lucky. Other places can be much better, I was stupidly happy when I first tried places like Giraffe, Las Iguanas and Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse – they have tonnes of choice. It’s also positive that there are more vegetarian and vegan places springing up, it makes dining out a lot easier!


Eating at home has been fantastic too – I think in part thanks to Miss A. She’s been a veggie for most of her life and, to be honest, a fantastic chef. I’ve not for a moment felt hard done by losing meat from my diet. I think I actually eat better these days, so many vegetables!! It’s been good for my state of mind too, the fairly balanced diet means my weight isn’t the yo-yo it used to be. It’s also helped me build confidence in my cooking too, I’m trying to cook new things. I really do love cooking but I lack confidence. Finding new meat-free recipes and trying them out has been fun.


The kids have been okay with a vegetarian diet when they are with me too. I’ve been building a repertoire of meals they enjoy that are vegetarian. I don’t force them to be veggie when we go out for meals. The vegetarian choices on the children’s menu can often be very limited, and if it’s not something they like – it’s hard. When they are at home with me though, I can quite often put together something that is meat free and enjoyable for slightly fussier palletes. Using Quorn and some of the supermarket’s ‘Meat-Free’ ranges makes it easier – the ‘meatier’ textures and tastes of them help.

It’s been a pretty smooth time becoming a vegetarian for over a year now. I’m sure I’ll ALWAYS get the questions I seem to get from people..

“Do you eat fish though?”
“Yeah.. but you MUST miss bacon though?”

The answer is no – obviously! It’s not as hard becoming a vegetarian these days as it’s more accepted, and indeed accessible. I can’t ever imagine switching back now, the first year has been fantastic! I would recommend going meat-free to anyone.


While we’re on the subject of ‘first years’ – our friends at Ketchup are celebrating their first birthday.

2 thoughts on “My first year as a Vegetarian..

  1. mrsteepot says:

    Interesting. I’m working on going vegan in the future. At the moment is would be completely impossible (living with parents and in rural France), but I’m trying to make some vegan switches to my diet so that I can gradually go vegan.
    It has been suggested that I go vegetarian first, but I’m not sure that would work for me.
    I’m glad it’s been so easy for you.

  2. sarah birkett says:

    Fairly sure that I am putting this comment in the wrong place, but the serial number of the iron is Bosch TDS6080GB.

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