I love coffee – I love cocktails. I was extremely happy when the nice folks at Tia Maria offered me the chance to try some Coffee Cocktails! Tia Maria is a dark liqueur made originally in Jamaica using coffee beans. The main flavour ingredients are coffee beans, Jamaican rum, vanilla, and sugar. There is literally NOTHING not to like about this beverage.  I’m a massive espresso martini fan, and generally my experience of coffee cocktails ends there – until now!

These five simple Tia Maria Coffee Cocktails are pretty easy to reproduce at home – grab a bottle and some of the other ingredients for these warming delights.

Tia Maria Mint Frappe

– 25ml Tia Maria
– Double shot of espresso
– 6 fresh mint leaves
– 50ml fresh milk

– Shake all ingredients
– Pour over cubed ice
– Stir and serve
– Garnish with a sprig of mint

Tia Maria Iced Popcorn Frappe

– 50ml Tia Maria
– 50ml milk
– Double shot of espresso
– 20ml popcorn syrup

– Shake all ingredients and pour over cubed ice
– Garnish with popcorn

Tia Maria Mint Americano

– 25ml Tia Maria
– Double shot of espresso
– 10ml sugar syrup
– 6 mint leaves
– 30ml sparkling water

– Drop mint into shaker
– Add all ingredients apart from sparkling water
– Shake then pour over cubed or crushed ice
– Stir
– Top with dash of sparkling water
– Garnish with mint leaf

Tia Maria Cappuccino

– 25ml Tia Maria
– 25ml vodka
– Shot of espresso

– Shake all ingredients and pour into glass
– Add foam on top

To make the foam

– 100ml salted caramel or Morello cherry syrup
– 200ml water
– 2 egg whites
– Two cream chargers

– Foam the drink
– Garnish with salted fudge/a single cherry

Tia Maria Flat White Russian

– 25ml Tia Maria
– 25ml Jamaican Rum
– Shot of espresso
– 5ml demerara sugar
– Laced on top with ice cold milk

– Fill glass with cubed ice
– Add all ingredients
– Stir well
– Lace milk on top
– Garnish with chocolate powder

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