Being a blogger is often an interesting thing. You get invited to all manner of events – some are intriguing, others, well – not so. I’ve written before about some random adventures, notably the Kate Nash Dressing Room Crash. This week has been a little weird and wonderful in equal measure.


First up, a ‘Petmiere’ of The Secret Life of Pets.

On Saturday Miss A and I had a child free weekend, and planned to do very little. An invite arrived for a ‘Petmiere’ of The Secret Life of Pets! Those invited to the petmiere were allowd to bring their dogs to the cinema, namely The Prince of Wales Cinema in London.

It’s a film I missed on its theatrical release, so a chance to see it in on the big screen in this interesting fashion seemed fun. Personally, I thought it was going to go one of two ways – it’d work, or it would be a doggy disaster. Either way, it would be a giggle.

Sophie Blake, Imogen Thomas, Elen Rivas, Nicola McLean, Martine McCutcheon, Debbie Douglas and Laura Hamilton
Sophie Blake, Imogen Thomas, Elen Rivas, Nicola McLean, Martine McCutcheon, Debbie Douglas and Laura Hamilton get ready for the Petmiere.

Amazingly, it actually worked! The event was hosted by Martine McCutcheon and her gorgeous dog Freddie. as well as a bevvy of celebs and their animals. Sure, there was a little bit of barking when the on-screen dogs barked, but it weirdly worked. The Cinema is hosting similar FREE ‘Pups and Parents‘ screenings over the coming Saturdays. It’s pretty rare to get ANYTHING for free, especially in London, so I’d heartily recommend taking your pooch there!


The film was VERY good, and I was made up that I got to have a little chat with Martine and have a stroke of Freddie too.  I’d recommend grabbing a  copy of The Secret Life of Pets on DVD or BluRay as a Christmas present!

Behold - Dyson's 'robot' cleaner - the Dyson 360 Eye
Behold – Dyson’s ‘robot’ cleaner – the Dyson 360 Eye

Happenings at Dyson

I’m a massive fan of Dyson products, I’ve owned a Dyson vacuüm for my entire adult life. To really get the idea of how good Dyson products are, you need to see them in action. Thankfully Dyson have a store on Oxford Street where they have all the latest products on display. You can see them, hold them, and importantly, try them.

Last night I was given a tour around the store to have a look at some of the new products – my focus was on the Dyson Eye 360 ‘robot’ cleaner, and the Supersonic hairdryer. Understandably, nearly £800 for a vacuüm and £300 for a hairdryer seems excessive. When you see and hear the technology within these items, and how smart they actually are – the cost is fair. I’m going to post separately about each in time, in the mean time – check out this little video of the Dyson 360 Eye doing its thing.

Drones! Blummin’ Star Wars Battle Quads!!

Ahh man – I must admit, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting myself a drone to play with for a while now. I know, in the right hands, they are a lot of fun – but they can be a bit of a bugger to control. Last night I got invited down to Madame Tussauds London for the launch of the Propel Star Wars Battle Quads.

One of the non wax based famous people - blummin' Russell Kane!
One of the non wax based famous people – blummin’ Russell Kane!

The guests assembled for a drinks reception in the opening room of Madame Tussauds, surrounded by celebrities, both real and waxwork. We were then led into the Planetarium to see the Battle Quads in action and to hear all about the technology inside them.

These toys are extremely high end, an every single detail has been thought out – from opening the box – which results in a sound and light show. To putting the batteries in the controller, whereby Star Wars characters actually TALK to you. These tiny drones are packed with technology, a lot of it with patent pendings to ensure they operate beautifully. You can talk a look at them zipping around below –

They are really flipping smart, and look incredible – especially when in laser battle mode. These aren’t really toys you’d give to little people, they are a ‘grown up’ toy in my opinion. After being wowed by the Propel Star Wars Battle Quads we were led around the rest of the Madame Tussauds Star Wars Exhibition. Which is a must for any Star Wars fan – it’s probably the only way you can be immersed in some iconic scenes.

It’s been a busy few days – I need a nap!

Just hanging out with Rey and Leigh Francis!
Just hanging out with Rey and Leigh Francis!

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