I’m old enough to remember VR the first time around. It kinda worked, the headsets were clunky and massive, and the graphics, were uhm.. Terrible. Last year, VR had a bit of a comeback, largely thanks to devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and massive investment in it. If you want a full on Vive experience, you’ll need a powerful computer as well as the headset. It can be a pricey experience.

There are, however budget alternatives. A Google Cardboard ‘clone’ can be picked up for less than £10. If you’re a Samsung mobile user, and after a few more bells and whistles the Samsung Gear VR 2 is a good option.

It’s built with Oculus, so gives a decent experience. Because it’s designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S series phones, there’s no issue with it fitting correctly. The price whilst, not as cheap as a disposable ‘Cardboard’ viewer, or a 3rd party one. It’s built to work well with your phone.

iPhone users can play too.. Sorta!

If you’re an iPhone user, the Google Cardboard or third party viewers are your only option. Apple haven’t really embraced the virtual world as yet!

There are plenty of free apps and games available to test out your headset. You Tube supports 360 degree videos now, both on the computer, and in the phone apps. With the prices of 360 degree cameras plummeting too, you’ll find more and more VR content available in the coming months.

Whilst some technology can feel a bit fad-like (hello 3D TVs!), it’s looking more and more certain that VR is here to stay. VR Theme Park Rides are becoming more common. Phone manufacturers are keeping VR in mind when designing their handsets – so as screen tech improves, so will the experience. It’s good to see that VR isn’t just in reach to those with plenty of money, there are lots of options out there. In my opinion, things like the Samsung Gear VR2 offer the best experience to cost ratio.

So – what VR stuff should I be checking out? Drop a comment below!

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