I order a tonne of stuff online, I would probably collapse if I actually calculated how much I spent at Amazon in the last few years. Armed with Amazon Prime, which is a BARGAIN at £79 a year (especially considering their awesome tv/film streaming service too), it’s fantastic to get a lot of stuff that I want with me next day. It’s not always great having a ‘next day’ service though – I wasn’t too happy having an Amazon Logistics driver buzzing on the intercom at 8.30am this morning!

Now, pay monthly!

The wonderful thing about Amazon Prime, is now they allow you to pay monthly for the service. Which means it’s not such a heavy hit on the wallet every year. It’s £7.99 per month, so it does work out more expensive over 12 months, but you aren’t tied in – so you can cancel it.

The addition of the ‘Amazon Prime Music’ service is compelling too. It’s essentially Amazon’s version of Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music etc. It works pretty well too, there’s a large catalogue of music available to consume. Also the ‘Kindle Lending Library’ allows you to ‘borrow’ one book each month on your Kindle. Super handy for book worms!

I think one of my favourite Amazon Prime services is the Dash buttons – I’ve written about them here. All the household items you can think of are just a button press away! So smart. Also, I’ve been enjoying the Echo Dot too. Alexa has become an integral part of our home. Setting timers, reminders, streaming music, even telling us how Miss A’s commute is looking. Amazon Prime has always been a great service, and with more additions to it, you get great value for money.

Also, I have to mention the customer service too – it’s always very good, you can contact Amazon Prime by phone, email, or live chat. I’ve always found them quick to resolve any issues, and also ‘compensate’ when they’ve let me down. It’s usually a £5 credit, or a month’s free membership. Generally now they are using their own army of couriers for Prime deliveries, and I’ve found them to be very reliable .

Do you use Amazon Prime – drop a comment below!

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