Back in the summer, I worked with HP for online advert for their HP PageWide Technology Printers.

The idea was a simple one. We’d be lead into a room with an HP PageWide printer set up and then it would spend a minute firing out prints. These prints would have some objects, and a few red herrings of HP and HP PageWide logos. We’d then have a minute to recall as many as we could – everything we recalled – we’d win!

So, what is HP’s PageWide Technology?

Put simply HP PageWide is a new way of Home / Office printing where ink is sprayed across the page width with a large, static print-head.

The lack of movement, and Inkjet technology means it can fire pages out at a ridiculous speed – 75 pages per minute. Because there is no heating involved, like those used in laser printers, it’s also more energy efficient.These printers are stupidly fast. I was challenged to a ‘Generation Game finale’ style competition to recall as many items as possible being printed.

The video has finally been sliced together and you can see how I did below –

The pictures FLEW out of the printer – the HP Pagewide was stupidly fast. By the time you’d just about registered something in your brain, there was another page on top of it. There wasn’t a ‘Cuddly Toy’, it was a very specific ‘Small, Brown, Teddy Bear’. I *thought* I’d got nearly all of them. I hadn’t I’d just remembered a four.

Small tube of Suncream
HP Travel Mug
HP 16Gb USB Memory Stick

HP Pavilion x2 Laptop

There is also a ‘group’ video that shows all of us taking part in the challenge.

It was fun to film, and I’m pleased that final result is so slick. No matter how easy you think it looks – it really wasn’t. Those pages fly out FAST! Thanks to HP for inviting me to take part!

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