I suppose this is a bit of a follow up to this post. I was heading for a bit of a crisis, which was exacerbated by a Daddy blogger being a bit of a twat. However, I stepped back from the situation and channeled my energy elsewhere – and I’m happy to report that little ‘nagging voice’ hasn’t returned.

I’ve thrown myself properly into the gym. I aim to go at least every other day, and you know what? I’m actually enjoying it. I had my induction with a lovely lady who listened to me, and she created a plan that is geared for what I want to do. I found my first few sessions hard, really, really hard. My heart was pumping, my legs felt like they had acid running through them. I ached so much after. I kept going back for more and I’m feeling better for it.

It’s getting to the point now where I’m finding my circuit a little easier so I’m going to meet with her again and no doubt step it up a gear. I’m pretty sure I’ve not actually lost any weight, or look different externally – however the change IN me is so nice. I love having a plan, a routine, even if it does make me look like a sweaty mess.

Plus, I like the geekery of the gym. I can log into the machines, and it records everything I do. This then syncs up with Google Fit and I have all my progress tracked. Heck, I can even pair my Bluetooth headset to the machine and watch Pointless Celebrities as I cross-train my ass off. Even the weight machines have a ‘smart’ element to them, and I can track my sets and reps in the app too.

Bottom line is, I think it’s doing me no end of good leaving the house for a reason (other than popping to the shops or a coffee run).


I’m also trying to resurrect my ‘Vlogging’. Something I started several years ago, and then stopped. It’s not the slickest vlogging out there, I don’t have banks of light boxes illuminating me, or a drone getting arty shots. It’s just me with a camera, and gimbal filming stuff that we do. I thought I’d feel a little self conscious charging round with a camera on me. Nope. It’s good fun.

The kids love watching stuff on YouTube, and therefore ‘get’ vlogging. G even has her own channel where she smashes out content from her phone. So it’s been nice to muck around with them on camera. I felt super proud of J when he asked to hold the camera so he could ask me some questions. I love seeing their confidence spilling out on camera. It’s not always easy to be natural and unprompted – however they do it well.

Anyway, if you’d like to see some vlogging action, look here!

So… Bottom line is. I’m feeling better. Negative feelings and those mean voices could potentially return. However, I feel in a better place to deal with it. I’ve got new and exciting ways of channeling energy. This feels awesome.

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