As part of the Thorpe Park Resort’s ‘Island Ambassador 2017’ scheme, we were invited for a VIP Day at the Island like no other! There are variety of VIP Packages available. Ours was a bespoke one to give us a taster of what they are like.

We were lucky enough to receive –

  • Ultimate Fastrack for unlimited Fastrack access to rides (with one trip on Derren Brown’s Rise of the Demon)
  • A Meal in Fins Bar and Grill
  • A Coaster Climb(!)

If you’re not feeling flush enough to book a full on VIP Package, you can buy Ultimate Fastrack, and / or a Coaster Climb separately.

The view from the top of The Swarm after the Coaster Climb
The view from the top of The Swarm after the Coaster Climb

Just do it!!

I would highly recommend that anyone, with even a fleeting like of theme parks give the Coaster Climbs a try. We were met by our VIP Hosts Chantelle and Will who took us into The Swarm control cabin. They explained how the ride was operated, and revealed a few behind the scenes secrets. We were then harnessed up and led to the lift hill for the 180+ steps to the top.

The whole coaster climb experience lasted just over an hour, and I had so much fun doing it. There was so much information, and the hosts were perfect. A lot of the Coaster Climb experience can’t be filmed, so it didn’t end up in the Vlog!

I’d love to go back to climb another coaster, or perhaps do a ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour too.

Anyway, I’ve spliced together our day and you can see how it all went. It was probably one of my memorable days out at Thorpe Park Resort. Take a little look below –

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