Up until last year, if you’d asked me where my ‘Happy Place’ was – it would’ve been Alton Towers without a doubt. However, that changed after visiting New York last year. I went across the other side of the world to New Zealand back in 2001, and it was brilliant. However, New York just felt like a second home. It’s brash, loud and fast and an explosion on the senses to start with – especially when you’re slightly jet lagged. Once you’ve acclimatised, it’s a fantastic place to explore. I’m heading back in November and I cannot wait.

Despite my love for the Big Apple, without a doubt Alton Towers is still my UK based Happy Place. SACO, The Serviced Apartment Company, who provide serviced apartments in London have recently conducted a survey. They looked into the locations in the UK that evoke special memories for Londoners and make them feel their happiest.

The number 1 ‘Happy Place’ for those surveyed was a Pub Lunch in the Cotswolds – sounds pretty good to me actually! Other popular places include walking or hiking in the Lake District, and admiring the white sandy beaches of the Hebrides. I’m not a massive beach fan if I’m honest, although I did spend a lot of happy childhood holidays in the Lake District.

It’s all about the Staycation

Holidaying in the UK is very ‘on trend’ right now, and for good reason. According to the survey, Cornwall was found to be the most popular staycation destination for Londoners. With almost one in four holidaying in this part of the country. Enjoying delights like fish and chips by the Padstow harbour and traditional Cornish pasties in St Ives.

More than one-third said they have had their best holidays in the UK, while 58% of Londoners have fond memories of childhood holidays in Britain. Over half want to pass these experiences on to their own families.

Half of those surveyed said eating fish and chips was an absolute must on a holiday in the UK. Just over 30% can’t go home without visiting the amusement arcades – I’m one of them. I love a go on the ‘Penny Falls’. Just under a third think a staycation isn’t complete without visiting a beach – I’m with the other two thirds!

Whilst holidaying in the UK is cheaper – it’s seen to be more convenient. Nearly half of those polled said the biggest benefit of holidaying in the UK was the fact you could travel at a time of day to suit you. Personally, I like to set off early to maximise my time. Another positive is being able to travel by car to your destination. Being able to take the family dog along were also listed as benefits of the staycation. One in five love the fact you don’t need to take out expensive travel insurance.

Whilst, I’m not sure there isn’t anywhere in the UK quite like the ‘mean streets’ of NYC. There’s definitely some fun to be had on the shores of the UK. A full selection of results from the survey can be found in the infographic below –

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