Winters in the UK are cold, and most of all, wet. That is why you need to winter-proof your home for maximum efficiency. You don’t want to have your heating on the entire time. Not only is it incredibly expensive, you’re wasting a lot of energy. Instead, you want to winter-proof your home so that you can use less energy, and utilise the energy you do need more effectively. This also applies to your garden. You want to ensure that your plants and water features are prepared and ready for any dips below zero. Winter-proof your home for a dryer, warmer home and less maintenance come springtime with these four methods:

  1. Upgrade Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors are thin, single-pane, and generally rotting, then you need to upgrade them. You need to upgrade them for your family’s health, for your home’s longevity, and for your resale value. Having rotting windows brings in mould, it lets all the heat escape, and more. If you already have double pane windows and a sealed door, then increase their protection by buying thick curtains that can trap air even more. The hours of sunlight are very short during the winter, but that just means you can benefit more from having these thick curtains installed.

  1. Insulate the Walls

In some houses, your whole house could benefit from proper insulation, but it depends on the property. There are many insulation options to choose from that can make your home air-tight and warm. The best options to choose from are the ones that are popular in countries that experience snowy winters.

  1. Add Carpet or Rugs

Thick carpet can do wonders for insulating your home, but if you love the hardwood look then consider adding in rugs under key areas like your living room or dining room. This will mean that your feet are kept much warmer throughout the year.

  1. Prep Your Garden

Depending on where you live you could experience heavy, cold winds. When that’s the case it’s wise to cover your most fragile plants in burlap or a similar material throughout the winter. Similarly, prep your garden so that everything is ready and set for spring. This means cutting plants back that need to be cut, it means planting flowers you want to grow in spring, and it even means going to to get a new pump to ensure that your pond doesn’t freeze over or become stagnant over winter.

  1. Landscaping Options

Your garden can be so much more than just a beautiful focal point of your home. From thick bushes to climbing plants to large foliage on trees you can update your garden so that it better insulates and even cools your home, depending on the season. Evergreen plants provide great cover when planted along your walls, and is the ultimate in environmentally friendly insulating.

Sealing your home and ensuring that everything will work once spring comes around can save you so much money down the years. Lowering your utility bills is already a great goal, but being warmer throughout the winter is even better. Take care of your house and your garden, and you’ll be happy in your home for decades to come.

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