The closed season has seen a LOT of discussion of what’s happening at Thorpe Park Resort in 2018. The wait is over – 2018 is The Year of The Walking Dead at Thorpe Park Resort!

The Year of The Walking Dead will run through the entire 2018 season, and the events will include –
The Walking Dead Living Nightmare Extreme

Which is return of the popular Fright Nights live action maze, ramped up to be even MORE terrifying. This will be available only for May Half Term (25th May – 3rd June). I would definitely consider booking ahead for this. School holidays at Thorpe Park Resort can be VERY busy, and when it hits capacity, only pre-booked tickets are valid.

To go hand in hand with the 10pm opening during the summer break, the next Year of The Walking Dead event will take place –

The Walking Dead – Zombie Hunt

Billed as ‘an extreme battle for survival in woodland’. Guests will venture into the woods on the outskirts of Thorpe Park Resort to hunt down the undead, and try to make it out alive! This will run between 21st July to the 3rd September.

As the end of the season approaches and The Year of The Walking Dead draws to a close, Thorpe Park Frights Nights returns with a heavy The Walking Dead theme. There aren’t any specifics as yet, however the event will run between 5th October – 31st October. I would imagine that as well as The Living Nightmare, we’ll probably see the return of Sanctum too. I was able to explore both mazes before they opened to the public last year and got a Zombie masterclass too!

Join the undead during The Year of The Walking Dead

Thorpe Park Resort are after budding ‘zombies’ to join their undead army. They are recruiting scare actors to populate the new attractions. It’s not a job for the faint of heart though – Thorpe Park Resort have been testing the mettle of new recruits on the top of The Swarm!

Hopeful candidates on top of The Swarm as part of The Year of The Walking Dead
Hopeful candidates on top of The Swarm as part of The Year of The Walking Dead

Key responsibilities for the roles include being able to interact in character with members of the public, being able to become zombie-like in a moment’s notice, and being able to cope well with sudden noises from thrill seekers, including screaming. For anyone who would like to apply to be a scare actor at Thorpe Park Resort throughout the 2018 season, email

But what about the ‘X’ re-theme?
Drawing of Proposed X re-theme – from Runnymede Borough Council Planning Portal

You might have heard that ‘X’ (or X – No Way Out as it used to be called) was having a re-theme with a ‘The Walking Dead’ ride or attraction. This hasn’t been mentioned in the Press Release. It could simply be that there isn’t going to be a re-theme in 2018. Or it could be that it’s a surprise. The ‘Living Nightmare’ maze IS in the X building, so they might be using the Queue line from Fright Nights. OR A new queue line as shown in the plans submitted to the council. The Living Nightmare Extreme maze will only be running in May, and during Fright Nights, so it seems unusual they’d re-theme for such a short period. My feeling is that they COULD create a new entrance for The Living Nightmare where the X entrance now is. Meaning the OLD maze entrance could be a new route into X. Bottom line is – it’s all speculation at this point.

The Planning Application HAS been approved and the approval is valid for 3 years, so it might not happen for a while – if at all. We’ll hopefully know more soon.

As ever, I’ll be bringing you more news as the start of the season approaches. Also – don’t forget you can currently get a Thorpe Park Resort Annual Pass for £49. This is £6 LESS than an ‘on the day’ adult ticket. You’ll be able to return to the park throughout the season too! Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for more videos. While you’re there don’t forget to Like and Subscribe!

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