Yesterday was a cracking day, if a little unusual – Mrs H had taken the day off so we could go out for lunch at the Galvin Green Man. We really fell in love with the Green Man when we visited for a review last year. It’s a fascinating venue – it’s not really a pub, but it has a pub – it’s not really a Galvin restaurant, however there’s a restaurant. What it is, is a wonderful fusion of the two. It’s got great food, lovely service, and a warm atmosphere. The staff are attentive, but not fussy – I love it.

Inside the Galvin Green Man
Inside the Galvin Green Man

The Green Man posted on their Facebook page a few weeks ago that they were launching a ‘Book Club’. Not the kind of book club where you’ve all got to have read a book and discuss it. This is the kind of book club where you get a copy of the book, a wonderful lunch, and get to meet the author too. The first book was ‘Secret Service’ by Fred Sirieix – best known as Fred from First Dates. At £37 per head, for a 2 course lunch and a copy of the book too – it’s a bargain!

It’s blummin Fred from First Dates!!

After grabbing a drink at the bar, we took our seat in the restaurant. Fred was moving from table to table, introducing himself and chatting away. It was a great chance to say hello and grab a picture with him.

Fred is just as you see on TV – kind, engaging and a true gentleman. Sometimes you meet someone famous
, and they aren’t as lovely as you’d think. Fred did not disappoint. He moved from table to table, making sure he spoke to everyone. Chris Galvin declared that Fred is one of the best maître d’s in the world – I can believe it.

Once Fred had worked the room, Chris Galvin interviewed him. He shared stories from his time on First Dates, and the First Dates Hotel, as well as a few tales from Secret Service. He is a very engaging speaker. You can see why he is flown around the world to talk to companies about how to improve their customer service. I’m looking forward to reading Secret Service when I’ve finished what I’m currently reading.

We were then served a fantastic lunch, an Artichoke Soup to start, and a Charred Aubergine for mains. Perfect!

Fred was around to answer questions, sign copies of the book, and indulge those who’d missed the opportunity for a selfie earlier! It was great to see Chris Galvin in his home territory – the kitchen – preparing the lunches and watching his staff with eagle eyes. The food is always great, but it was good to know our meals had been given the Galvin nod before leaving the kitchen!

I really enjoyed the Galvin Green Man Book Club – there is another on the 6th March with chef Jose Pizarro. It’s on the Green Man Facebook if you fancy it!

I’m SO pleased we went along to the Green Man for a lunch with Fred – it was a fantastic midweek treat!

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