A company I’ve kept an eye on for a while is gohenry. They’ve been around since 2013 and they’ve created a pocket money revolution. Put simply, gohenry is a Pre-Paid VISA card that is designed for children aged between 6-18 years old. If you continue reading, I’ll tell you all about them, how you can get one, and how you can get £10 free!

How does the gohenry card work?

The gohenry card is tied to an app where children can see how much pocket money they have. The gohenry card is like any normal VISA card and can be used in all the places you’d use one. They can spend their money, on the high street, online or even withdraw cash from an ATM. The gohenry card is contactless too, so the kids can tap and pay.

From the parent’s side, you can pay your child pocket money. You can also pay them extra for completing tasks – so if they clean their room you can give them a little bonus when they’ve done it. You can also keep tabs on what their card is being used for too, and set usage limits. So, if you’d rather they didn’t blow all their pocket money on Game Upgrades, Minecraft Texture Packs, FIFA Bonuses etc, you can ‘switch-off’ online spending, you can turn off High Street spending, and ATM use too. You can also set limits on how much they spend in one week, in a single transaction or withdraw from an ATM. All of these things are controlled within the gohenry app. It’s pretty flipping smart.

Does it cost anything to get a gohenry card?

Right now, you can get a standard gohenry card for FREE. You can choose a customised gohenry card for £4.99, this allows your child to have their name printed on it so James has ‘gojames’ and they can choose from a selection of images to be printed on it. After the first month, it will cost you £2.99 per child, per month. If after the first month you don’t want continue, that’s fine you can cancel it with no pressure. The monthly fee comes from the parent’s account, not the child’s – none of the kid’s money gets taken.

Does gohenry have any hidden charges?

Aside from the £2.99 monthly fee, there are no charges for ATM withdrawals, or if your child uses the card. There are charges if the card is used abroad – a £2 fee for ATM withdrawals and a 2.75% charge on spending. You will be charged £5 for transferring money from gohenry to your bank account, however if you wish to close you gohenry account and transfer all the money out to your account, that is completely free. You will also be charged £3.99 for replacing a lost, stolen or damaged card.

Some examples of the GoHenry customised cards
Some examples of the GoHenry customised cards

The only other charges relate to topping up your parent account. You get one fee free top-up per calendar month, so it’s advisable to top-up enough money to cover all their pocket money and the monthly fee. If you need to/want to top up more, whether it be via debit card, or via a bank transfer, you can but it will cost 50p per transaction.

There’s more details about the gohenry fees on this page.

So, how do I get a free £10 to start a gohenry account?

It’s really easy, if you click here and sign up, once you’ve recieved and activated you card (whether you’ve chosen a FREE gohenry card, or a £4.99 customised one), you’ll get £10 automatically credited to your parent account. You can use this to pay your kids their first week’s pocket money – it’s essentially free money. If you get £10, I also get £10 too – just in the interest of full disclosure. It’s really worth giving it a go, because, well – FREE MONEY!

I really like the gohenry card and app, it’s all so simple and straightforward. I can’t recommend it enough. In the coming weeks I’ll probably make a vlog with James showing how he uses his ‘gojames’ card.

If you’ve got any gohenry questions then feel free to ask them in the comments. Do you have a gohenry card – what do you think? Drop a comment!

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