There’s a lot or rumour and discussion about what’s happening at the UK Theme Parks in 2019. I’m going to look at each theme park and reveal what we know so far, and perhaps speculate at what’s to come later in 2019. All in all, it’s a quiet year for UK parks, there’s no exciting Woodie or Launch Coaster on the horizon. However there are definitely a few changes to the UK Theme Park rosters in 2019. Today I’m going to be focusing on the Merlin owned parks, if you haven’t already, you can pick up a Merlin Membership to enjoy ALL of these parks for a very reasonable price each month!

First of all, we’re heading north to Staffordshire to see what shiny new attractions are coming our way..

Alton Towers

The Alton Towers Dungeon

It was revealed at the end of the 2018 season that the Alton Towers Dungeons would be opening in 2019. I wrote about it here. Since that post was written, very little new information has been released. There’s been no official confirmation of where the attraction will be, or what it might involve. However the smart money is on it being inside the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory building. It was being gutted at the end of the season, and no planning applications have been put in for new buildings or structures. Whether it will use the boat ride system, or the clever elevator element from CATCF is unknown. I really HOPE it does, but, I’m worried that it will be a very quick ‘makeover’ of this SBNO ride, and scenes will be built around the shell of the ride. I hope I’m wrong, but time will tell!

Project Hip Hop

Plans for Project Hip Hop have been submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. It’s another slight extension to the popular CBeebies Land area. Project Hip Hop will see two Junior Drop Towers placed in CBeebies Land just next to Mr Bloom’s Allotment. The plans suggest the ride is identical to the ‘Frog Hopper’ already there, so the Frog Hopper might be moving from Cloud Cuckoo Land and joining an identical sibling. It’s good that they are building more in CBeebies Land to soak up the queues a little. It’s not clear what CBeebies IP the ‘Project Hip Hop’ might be based around, perhaps Bing Bunny?

Stargazing Ahoy!

A new accomodation option is coming to Alton Towers in 2019. The Stargazing Pods will offer a budget accommodation option for families. I’m still not sure how I feel about these Pods – I’d definitely give one a go, but knowing there was lots of other, awesome accommodation nearby would be on my mind!

Alton Towers 2019 Rumours

There’s a lot of rumours flying around that Galactica might be having the VR element removed in 2019. There was an online survey released last year asking a LOT of questions asking for guest’s opinions on the VR. The VR wasn’t very well received, and has been quite a headache to keep running (judging by the amount of downtime it’s had!). I quite enjoyed it if I’m honest, but I also LOVE the feeling of flying that Galactica gives. I’d say it’s fairly likely Galactica will see either a massive reduction, or removal of the VR in 2019.

Will Galactica lose the VR in 2019? I think it might..
Will Galactica lose the VR in 2019? I think it might..

Thorpe Park

First off, you can get up to 50% off a stay at Thorpe Park Resort in 2019, and the Thorpe Park Resort Pass is STILL only £55. Bargains galore! But, what’s happening at Thorpe Park Resort in 2019??!

What’s coming to Thorpe Park in 2019?

Very little it seems!

I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! has disappeared from the website, suggesting that 2018 was the attraction’s final season. I did enjoy the I’m A Celeb attraction, however the fact it was only opened at peak times in 2018 suggested that it’s popularity wasn’t great. The TV show received record viewing figures in 2018, so clearly there is a hunger for the show, but perhaps not the ride?

Hopefully the lack of news means that a lot of effort has gone into giving Thorpe Park Resort a bit of a spit and polish in 2019!

Thorpe Park 2019 Rumours

There’s still not been any signs of planning applications going in at the Island Like No Other – which suggests that we won’t see any significant changes in 2019. Loggers Leap is still SBNO – I think we might discover the fate of it in 2019. It’ll either have a MASSIVE refurbishment, or be removed completely. I’m crossing my fingers for a refurb – Log Flumes are a dying breed in the UK! There has been a lot of talk of a Woodie being built on the Loggers Leap site too. Whilst a Woodie would be good, and would fit in beautifully with the theming, I’d like the log flume to stay!

Even in 2016, Loggers Leap was looking very sad – I imagine it looks a LOT worse now!

I think we’ll here more about the Thorpe Park Hotel in 2019. It’s something that has been kicking around for years, there are plans online for it too. I’ve got a feeling 2019 will see some ground being broken, and construction beginning. Whilst the Thorpe Park Shark Hotel is pretty decent, it’s only a temporary structure. It would be great to see a proper hotel at Thorpe Park Resort.

Fear not, if rides and attractions are what you want, a short journey around the M25 will quench your thirst! Hope over to Page 2 to find out what’s happening at LEGOLAND Windsor and Chessington World of Adventures.

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