I’m not gonna lie to you, I quite enjoy a quiz, quiz shows, pub quizzes, online quizzes, I’m all over them! If you’re wondering what Hogwarts House I am, I’m Hufflepuff. If you’re wondering which Disney Princess I am, I’m Ariel.

It seems I know my stuff about all things Tyres too! I just took the Kwik Fit Tyre Challenge and scored 10/10!

I’ll take that! Yes, it’s a little bit nerdy knowing your stuff about tyres. But Tyres are VERY important on your car, those bits of black rubber are holding you and several tonnes of car on the ground. If they aren’t tip-top, you could be in big trouble. I think it’s easy to forget about them, a lot of modern cars have tyre pressure monitoring and you’d assume that if the tyre pressure is an issue it would warn you. It will if the tyre is pretty much flat, but if it’s below the optimum level, you won’t hear a thing.

It’s vital to check the tyre pressure once a month, every month. You can usually find the correct pressure in your car’s manual, or sometimes there will be a sticker on the inside of the driver’s door. I’ve got mine saved as a ‘Note’ in my phone, so whenever I need to check the pressure, I have the details to hand. You don’t need to go to the petrol station to check your pressure, you can get something like this to check on your drive. If they need a little air, I recommend visiting your local Sainsbury’s Petrol Station, the air there is free!

As well as checking the pressure, it’s good to check the condition of the tyre. Look for any bulges on the wall (side), and also check the pattern of wear. In an ideal world, the wear should be equal across the whole tyre. Uneven wear can suggest over inflation, under inflation, or worse – bad wheel alignment. Most tyres will have ‘wear markers’ lines running in the opposite direction to the tread. If the tread is worn to this line, it’s time for new tyres! If you’re off on a long journey, it’s always good to check the condition of the tyres a few days before you leave. It will give you a chance to get it sorted if there are any issues.

Hopefully, those few tips will give you some trouble-free driving, and let me know if you take the quiz, and what your score is, by popping it in the comments!

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