North Wales is a region which has a little bit of everything, home to beautiful beaches, incredible mountain scenery and seemingly endless landscapes. In addition to the wealth of history which can be found throughout many of the castles here, there is a quintessential community spirit which can be unearthed throughout the quaint towns and villages. All of these points together are what makes North Wales a wonderful destination to travel to.

As mentioned above, North Wales is famed for its awe-inspiring national park along with its dramatic coastline, but there are many other places to see and explore during your time there. So, whether you are choosing to enjoy your time here by looking at staying in North Wales holiday cottages which can be found through the region or somewhere else, I have taken a look at some of the best-hidden gems which can be discovered.

Aberlleiniog Castle, Anglesey
For those who wish to delve into the fascinating history this region holds, then why not visit one of its many castles? This particular area combines beauty and history into one and the castle was once a structure of much importance. Nature has taken over this site which means that it is one of the region’s best-kept secrets. Located in Anglesey, one of the best ways to visit this castle is by taking a stroll around the surrounding woodland.

Aber Falls, Snowdonia National Park
Maybe Wales’ worst kept secret, Snowdonia National Park covers such a vast area that you are sure to stumble upon a breathtaking view, mirror-like lake and much more. One of the most picturesque places which is lesser known is the majestic Aber Falls, a cascading waterfall in the north of Snowdonia National park, and there is a great walk around this area; just put on your walking boots and go searching for this wonderful natural wonder.

Point of Ayr Lighthouse, Holyhead
Point Ayr Lighthouse looks absolutely striking on the sand of Talacre beach but can also look rather eerie. Constructed in 1776, this lighthouse is rather famous as it has been featured on several programmes and adverts over the years. However, the original lighthouse was damaged by a storm in 1818 and was replaced in 1820 with the one we see today. It is definitely worth the walk out on the beach as it looks beautiful on the shore.

The Ugly House, Betws-y-coed
Ty Hyll, or The Ugly House, is one of the strangest but unique structures in Wales as well as being steeped in history and mystery. It is not known who actually built this home or why it was constructed, but it is now a quaint tearoom with beautiful surroundings.

Portmeirion, Penrhyndeudraeth
Portmeirion is not like a traditional Welsh town, as here you will find colourful buildings with an Italian influence. Often referred to as the ‘Welsh Riviera’, the beautiful architecture blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. When visiting here, you won’t feel like you are in Wales at all, but in the Mediterranean instead!

One of the most wonderful things about North Wales is that you can easily stumble upon your own hidden gems when visiting. Whether you choose to spend your time in spectacular Snowdonia National Park or along the dramatic coastline, you may come across some breathtaking natural wonders. Sometimes the best adventures are found off of the beaten track, and in North Wales there is no doubt that you will stumble on to something incredible.

Have you had the chance to explore North Wales before? Let me know in the comments below!

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