This time of year is a bit of a low point for UK theme park enthusiasts. We’re SO close to all the parks open again, however, we’re NOT quite there yet. That hasn’t stopped us planning for our first few trips of the season! Somewhere we’re heading first is Alton Towers Resort. The early season is a fantastic time to go, the park isn’t too crazy busy, and you can get some bargains on stays inside the resort. We’re off for a little ‘pre Birthday’ break to the Enchanted Village in the opening week – booking via the Merlin Annual Pass Holiday Club site unlocks even cheaper rates.

Yes, it’s cheaper staying off resort, but there’s something quite magical waking up in the grounds of Alton Towers Resort. There’s a real frisson in the air. I love going to any theme park, but there really is something special about Alton Towers Resort. It is without a doubt, my ‘happy place’, I can’t really explain the feeling it evokes. But there is something so wonderful about that magnificent view over Towers Street as you enter the park. Or as you drive down to the Alton Towers Hotel and it’s there right in front of you, with the water dancing across the fountain. I absolutely LOVE it.

That view though...
That view though…

The Power of the Towers!

Alton Towers launched their ‘Power of the Towers’ campaign yesterday, and it really resonated with me. I really understand the Power of the Towers myself.

This is from the Power of the Towers Press Release –

“This year, Alton Towers Resort is celebrating all the thrills, laughs and joy that bring people together and help them forget the stresses of everyday life. From the rush of world-beating rollercoasters to the scary fun of the new Alton Towers Dungeon, no other UK destination offers as many opportunities to share memorable experiences together. With the Premium Season Pass, offering unlimited entry to the theme park and Alton Towers Dungeon, plus great value accommodation opening in April with the new Stargazing Pods, even more families can experience the Power of the Towers in 2019.”

Will you feel the Power of the Towers in the Stargazing Pods at Alton Towers Resort in 2019?
Will you feel the Power of the Towers in the Stargazing Pods at Alton Towers Resort in 2019?

The Press Release about Power of the Towers features the results of a survey conducted by the park. The research suggests that in 2019 we, as a nation are set to invest more than £8.2 billion on time spent with their friends and families. Around 73 percent of Brits say that worries and uncertainty over Brexit have drastically changed how they plan to spend both their time and money this year, with financial woes emerging as the biggest single influence over major life decisions in 2019.

The survey found that three quarters (73 per cent) of Brits spend time with loved ones to distract themselves from the things they are worried about and in 2019. ‘Happiness’ was identified as the most important goal for the year ahead (53 per cent), followed closely by ‘spending time with loved ones’ (43 per cent).

Not long till I experience the Power of the Towers!

I’m not going to lie, a day out, or even a few days away at Alton Towers Resort is just the tonic when things are getting me down. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of escapism, and I can’t wait to have some time in the Spa, and perhaps a few rounds of Extraordinary Golf as a Birthday treat! Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to share it with the kids too. However, I’m looking forward to a ‘grown-up’ break! I’m looking forward to feeling the ‘Power of the Towers’ myself in a few months!

I can't wait to see good ol' Big Bob in 2019
I can’t wait to see good ol’ Big Bob in 2019

If you’re wanting to save a bit of money on visits to Alton Towers Resort and feel the Power of the Towers yourself, you could consider a Merlin Membership. Or if you want something even cheaper, the Alton Towers Season Pass is GREAT Value. This season they’ve introduced the ‘Premium Season Pass’ which includes the Alton Towers Dungeon, Summer Weekends AND Scarefest entrance. Prices start from £70 per person – the regular pass is a steal at £56 per person too – I’ve drawn up a comparison table of the two passes below –

[table id=2 /]
The Alton Towers Premium Season Pass will give you the Power of the Towers in 2019
The Alton Towers Premium Season Pass will give you the Power of the Towers in 2019

Standard Season Pass Holders will be able to buy tickets to ‘exclusion dates’ (those dates where you can’t use the Standard Pass) for just £10. Both kinds of passholders can pre-book ‘Friends’ tickets for £15 per person to share the Power of the Towers with friends and family! Plus you become part of the ‘Merlin Holiday Club’ to get discounts on stays at Alton Towers Resort too!

So there we go, Alton Towers have finally come up for a name for that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I enter the Resort – it really is the Power of the Towers! Stay tuned to my YouTube Channel for video blogs from Alton Towers Resort in 2019.

Where’s youre happy place – theme park or otherwise? Drop a comment below –

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