The cool kids at Canal Toys sent us an awesome ‘So Bomb DIY – Bath Bomb Vanity‘ to try. It’s a super easy way to make bath bombs at home, in a few hours.

In this video, we crack open the box, and have a look inside and make our first So Bomb Bath Bomb. The process is pretty much in real time (aside from the 2 hours you need to let them dry out!), and this was our first attempt. Find out how we got on, and why Citric Acid DEFINITELY isn’t sugar for babies.

If you want to buy your own So Bomb DIY Vanity Case they are on Amazon here. There’s an even bigger ‘Factory’ set available too here.

We’d like to thank Canal Toys for sending us this kit. It isn’t an advert in any way, we’ve not received any financial reward for this, we just thought you guys might like to see it. We’d definitely recommend it, it’s a great fun way to make some Bath Bombs!

So Bomb Bath Bombs are awesome!
So Bomb Bath Bombs are awesome!

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