Earlier this week, as the finishing touches were being done to the landscaping, I was given an exclusive first look inside the Alton Towers Stargazing Pods. They are nestled around the Alton Towers Hotel and Enchanted Village and offer guests to Alton Towers Resort a smaller, more affordable, on-site accommodation option. The pods are small and simple, think of it as a step up from glamping. As you walk into the Stargazing Pod, to your left and right are two single beds, then as you move past those, in the back is a double bed. There’s no toilet or shower – those are housed in a separate facility on the edge of the site – this is very much like an improved version of glamping.

There’s a full write up about my thoughts and opinions on them here.
You can book one at Alton Towers.com here.

Any questions about them, then please do drop a comment!

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