I’ve been struggling for a while with my hips. Because I’m on the wrong end of 30 it was just one of those things – getting old. I don’t think I’m in bad condition for a 38 year old, generally! My eyes and ears seem okay (I had them checked at Auris Ear Care), I’ve got a good head of hair. My hips though, still They’ve been bothering me for a while now. Not every day – but if I sit too long, or walk too far – it starts to hurt. The problem really revealed itself when we were in New York. I bloody love traipsing around New York – hopping on the subway is great, heck cruising round in Ubers are fun too, walking around is the best way to experience it though.

Not on our last trip though. It was agony.

After a few miles I’d get such severe pain in hips, it would stop me dead in my tracks. I’d need to grab onto something to steady myself – it was agony. Popping some painkillers numbed it slightly, but the pain didn’t really go. It was only after I’d rested for a while that it would subside. It was getting harder to chalk it up to ‘old age’. Vicki is a teeny bit older than me, and she could probably walk across New York without so much as a twinge. When we flew home she upgraded our seats so we were in the exit row – there was plenty of room to stretch out.

After we got home, it seemed to settle slightly – there was occasional pain. But nothing as frequent or breath-taking as before. Vicki had urged me to go get it checked out at the doctor, and I just put it off. I felt stupid – “it’s just one of those things” I told myself. It flared up again after I took James to Chessington, as we drove home I could feel that familiar pain again. It was back.

I relented and went to the doctors. Rather than war-dial at 8am, I thought I’d actually go down there, and speak to a receptionist and see what they could do. To my surprise, they’d JUST had a cancellation for later that afternoon. When I went back later, I explained everything to the doctor, he listened and then got me to lie on the couch. He moved my legs and hips around in various directions, my left side wasn’t as keen on this. Not at all.

He was concerned – “If you were 67, I’d probably chalk it up to old age… But at 37… No. We need to run a few tests.” He referred me for an x-ray and depending on that, I might have to have some more scans to see what’s happening. There was mention of a hip specialist too. So to set the ball rolling, I went for my x-ray on Tuesday, and I’ll get the results in a week or two. No matter what the x-ray shows, he wants to see me again to discuss options moving forward. Since I’d come back from Chessington, it had largely felt better – probably because, aside from walking the dog around the block, I’d not done masses of walking. However, after a stroll into our village last night, the pain is back.

Who knows what it is, and how fixable it is? I’m glad I’ve got the ball rolling – we’ve got lots of theme park trips planned, and we’re heading back to America at the end of the year too. I don’t want this to get in the way of the fun.

It won’t, it shan’t!

But for now, I’ve just got to wait for the results!

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