The convenience of applications cannot be described, the full potential can only be experienced to fully comprehend how much we should appreciate the evolution of technology. We are able to do things we have never been able to do in the past and we can do these things directly from our mobile device. Where technology has really outdone itself is providing for the foreign traveller. It’s never comfortable wandering about a city you know nothing about, all alone. Now travellers are planning trips without knowing the area, booking into accommodations and creating itineraries for escapades around the world, all by themselves. Unfortunately not all of our friends are able to accompany us on our journeys or perhaps they do not have the same desire to travel to the middle of India. No matter, through the convenience of applications you are able to tour countries around the world with ease and all thanks to tech which has moulded mobile applications. Here are 5 of our favourites and they are all used around the world.

Gaming Apps

If you are travelling far and you have long layovers or are journeying through the outback in a rented van with other tourists, do yourself a favour and download game apps to help you pass time trying to get to your destination. If you haven’t downloaded any games or prefer not to, play online directly from your phone’s browser to kill time swiftly.


One of the apps to recently grab everyone’s attention is TripIt. This application is used around the world to plan your itinerary and keep all your documentation in one spot for a more organized travelling experience. All your booking or reservation information can be sent to this app so you will know what time you must board your flight, what time your reservation is set for which rental car you will be using and so forth. You can share this information to anyone who would need to know where you are or who will be journeying with you.

Google Translate

Translate any writing from a foreign language to your own home language. You can also communicate with people by using the microphone to translate, into their language, what you are trying to say.


Need a cheap flight? Use Skyscanner to locate a flight in your area, wherever you are in the world. You are offered the best pricing from millions of flights, the quickest route and any other information you may find useful.


If you are backpacking or you simply enjoy a good deal, this app delivers. HotelTonight sends you all the information you need regarding the latest or last minute hotel room discounts. The app comes with customer support, customer room reviews and photos.

No matter where you go in the world, apart from the desert or the middle of the ocean of course, you can find use for these applications and in all likelihood will make your travels somewhat better and even more enjoyable.

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