Back in February, Vicki and I headed to New York for our 3rd trip there. Because we do some fun things, I thought I’d film it! Unfortunately, while we were out there I was a bit poorly, and I didn’t film as much as I wanted. I’d kinda put off editing it all together because I was concerned it might end up being a bit rubbish… Turns out, I was wrong – it’s come together really well!

I’ve mixed up the intro a bit for the custom music that Nick Hutson composed for me. If you need music for your vlogs, Nick is your man.

We flew out with Virgin Atlantic, and we stayed in The Hoxton, Williamsburg. We visited lots of awesome restaurants – some cheap, others not so cheap. There was a walking food tour, a trip up the Empire State Building and we visit some film and TV locations too..

We also went back to Grand Central Terminal to where we got married, however – that went wrong. Watch and you’ll see what happened.

Anyway, for something that was shot entirely on my phone, I’m really happy with it. Please Watch, Like and Subscribe!

Vicki is writing up our escapades over two blog posts, the first one is here.

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