The cool kids at Chelmsford City Council invited us down to take a tour of the newly refurbished Riverside – formally Riverside Ice and Leisure. They’ve spent millions improving it, and I was very, very excited to see how it all looks. I spent a lot of my childhood at Riverside, and it in it’s final few years wasn’t as great as it once was. After a multi-million pound investment, is it really a centre fit for a City?

This tour took place on Saturday 8th June, as the finishing touches were being done – as you’ll see, it wasn’t quite finished, it’s due to open on Monday 10th June.

You can see for yourself all of the facilities on offer – the small pool and splash area weren’t quite ready as I filmed. They also had people in the main pool, so the shots couldn’t linger too long for privacy reasons. I cover pretty much the whole public side of the building in this exclusive tour (Studio 1 aside – as there was a class in there!), so you get a really good feel of it!

It’s clever how they’ve retained the Ice Rink and Sports Hall and merged it all-together whilst keeping the centre open.

I was genuinely impressed with how it all looked. I’m sure so many of us have memories of the old centre. Hopefully, the next generation of Chelmsford folk will be able to make some here

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