I’m a sucker for a watch.. I was obsessed with them as a child. I remember yearning for a ‘Calculator’ watch – which was the height of modern technology back then. I almost burst when I got one for Christmas that year. Then, a few years late your could buy a watch with a TV and VHS remote control built in. That was insane! I got one of those too, and had hours of fun turning up the volume of the display TVs in Currys and Dixons.

Then, on my 21st birthday my parents got me a ‘proper’ watch – it didn’t have an LCD screen and millions of functions. It was a traditional watch, and my goodness, I loved that watch so much. It meant a lot because it wasn’t cheap, and it was just so, so beautiful. I loved how you could see some of the mechanism through the face. I wore it every single day – I didn’t like taking it off. It got so scratched and battered because it was with me for everything. I still have it – tucked away safely in a drawer.

You see, the thing is, in a time of ‘smart’ watches that sync with your phone, or just count your steps it’s very easy to get blown away by all the technology within them. I have a watch like that, and I love it. However, there’s something so wonderful about a mechanical watch – it’s just – timeless.

I was introduced to SIT Watches (Swiss Identity Time) recently, they make PROPER watches. There’s no whizzy LCD screen, or a battery that lasts for less than a day. SIT Watches make traditional watches with a timeless design.

The ‘Daddy’ of the SIT Watches Range is the ‘Swiss Edition’ – a gorgeous black dialled watch – made in Switzerland with a Ronda 715 mechanism. The Swiss Edition comes in a matching black ‘Kit’ case. Inside 3 Straps to instantly change the look of the watch, as well as help you match your environment.

The first is a Light Brown Genuine Italian Leather strap, ideal for when you’re looking your absolute best. The second is a Nato strap in Camo which will take Insect Repellent Spray – it’s ideal for when you’re trekking in the wild. The third is a white leather strap with a UV sunlight indicator – the indicator darkens when the UV rays are at their most powerful. It’s a brilliant reminder to step into the shade, or apply more sunscreen!

The three different straps give three very unique looks to the watch. It’s perfect for the active traveller, you can switch up the style depending on what you’re doing.

Also in the kit you’ll find an Anti-Nausea band – this applies pressure on your wrist to alleviate the symptoms of travel sickness. The Swiss Identity watches are a perfect travel companion!

If the Swiss Edition is a little out of your price range, you can opt for the ‘Classic Edition’ with a white dial and silver aluminium kit box. This is manufactured in Japan and has a Miyota 1513 mechanism. You’ll find a similar complement of straps – the Genuine Italian leather strap is a dark brown, and the Nato strap is Black – the UV strap is the white, like the Swiss Edition.

I love the kit boxes they arrive in – it’s a wonderful way of keeping your watch and accessories safe, whether you’re at home – or off travelling. Everything sits neatly inside the kit box, ready for action. It also includes 4 Quick-release strap attachments too, allowing you to switch up the style in a flash!

Both the Swiss and Class Editions aren’t just there to look gorgeous, they are designed for everyday life too. They both have a 316L Stainless Steel case, with the face covered by Mineral HR900 glass – and they are Water Resistant to 5ATM too! The SIT Watches will be happy to follow you on any adventure!

So – if you’re looking for a watch that will happily explore the world with you and can switch its style to match your environment, then you really can’t go wrong with a SIT watch!

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