Who doesn’t love to travel? It’s great to jump onto a plane and explore somewhere new. You don’t have to live a jet-set lifestyle, you can hop into your car and explore the United Kingdom. From deepest darkest Wales, right up to the Highlands of Scotland. In rural areas especially the roads can be a bit tricky in places. Driving without proper car care can be disastrous.

The most important thing to is to make sure your car is ready for a long, challenging journey. I’ve thought of a few top tips to ensure that you’re ready for all eventualities!

1 – Check your levels
Under the bonnet can be a daunting place, however, it’s important you check your fluid levels before starting a long journey. Check the ‘Owners Manual’ for the position of everything. Oil, Screen Wash and Coolant are the vital ones. If any are looking low, then give them a top up. You don’t need to be a mechanic to do this, just don’t overfill any of them.

2 – Check your tyres
Considering these are the things that help keep the car on the road, they are VERY important. Check your tyres thoroughly when before you leave, whilst travelling and after you arrive. Because you don’t want to be stranded on the road.

The things you need to keep an eye on –

First up is the tread, make sure it’s even and balanced the whole way around. Most tyres have ‘wear markers’ that run horizontally to the tread. If your tread is level with the markers, it’s time for new tyres. If that’s the case you can get tyres at economical prices from Headley Tyres Basingstoke.

Check the tyre pressure too. If it’s too high, or too low it can cause irregular wear. When you’re taking on new, and potentially challenging roads in rural areas. You need the confidence that your car will go where you steer it. Having badly maintained tyres could be fatal.

Look out for damage to your wheels – a scuffed or bent wheel could mean the tyre has been damaged too. Double-check that any damage to your wheel hasn’t hurt your tyres too.

3 – Keep it clean
It’s a good idea to keep your car and tyres looking clean and shiny. There are many products available to do this. Something REALLY important to remember is if you use any products to protect and shine your tyres, make sure you keep it well away from the tread. If you don’t do that, the silicone in these products can have catastrophic effects on your tyres’ performance. Keep it clean, but don’t go crazy!

4 – Buy tyres based on your individual driving needs
There are lots of tyres available – it’s recommended you don’t look at the lowest price. There are Summer and Winter tyres, suitable for the warmer and colder seasons. Some people have a set of winter rims and tyres in storage ready for the snow and ice! Tyres are listed by fuel economy and road noise, those with A ratings are best. There are tyres suitable for different driving styles and road types too. Do your research on what’s best for you!

So there you go, whatever journey you’re taking – if it’s a few miles, or a few hundred miles, hopefully, these tips will make you feel a little more prepared!

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