Sometimes, when you look out the window, you want to wrap yourself up in a blanket with a cup of hot coffee with marshmallows, hug your loved one, and watch some movie. If you have prepared everything except for the list of films, then we will help you with the list.

Light in the Ocean
The film takes place in Western Australia after the First World War. War veteran Tom Sherborn gets a job as a lighthouse keeper. Soon he meets the local beauty, Isabelle. He falls in love with her and offers her to get married. After the marriage, Isabelle moves to live with Tom on the island with the lighthouse. They are absolutely happy, but they are not able to get birth to a child, and this spoils their family life. Isabelle suffered from two miscarriages. Once, during a storm, a boat with a dead man and a crying baby hits the shore. Isabelle persuades Tom not to tell anyone about this. She wants to keep the girl to themselves and raise her as if she was their child. Tom succumbs to her persuasion only to ensure that Isabelle was happy. Eventually, the couple believes that this is a sign from God, and they raise the child as their own. But Tom started to realize that in the end, all this could turn into sad consequences for them.

The Colony
The plot is based on a real story that happened in 1973. A young couple from Germany Lena and Daniel comes to Chile. Just at this time, the famous military coup begins under the command of Augusto Pinochet, and the spouses are in the centre of events. Daniel falls under suspicion of secret police agents, and Lena sets off in search of her husband. The trail leads to the south of the country, where the heroine arrives. Soon she learns about the existence of an isolated settlement that is called “Charitable and educational society “Dignidad.” The colony looks like an ordinary charitable organization led by preacher Paul Schaefer. But in fact, everything is much more mysterious and scary: “The Dignidad colony” is a place that no one could ever leave. Lena joins a dictatorial society, hoping to rescue her husband. We recommend you to watch this movie because Lena possesses all the qualities that men want in a woman.

Mr. & Mrs. Adelman
They meet in a regular bar. He is an ambitious and selfish aspiring writer, who doesn’t tolerate a drop of criticism. She is a master of classical poetry, a witty and charming girl who undertook to read and edit his texts without even asking the author for permission. Their acquaintance and the first night went not quite smoothly. But the story that this couple will be creating for another 45 years delights and makes you smile and cry at the same time. This movie shows how human relations can feel absolutely freshly forged even after a long period.

The plot takes place in the near future where, according to the laws of the City, people are required to live in married couples. David is one of the millions of lonely people who, upon reaching a certain age, are forced to go to a special hotel. There he is given 45 days to find a life partner. Otherwise, he will lose the privilege of being a human and will be turned into an animal. Over time, he realizes that he is not able to find a wife among the hotel guests and escapes. Surprisingly, he finds his loved one among other fugitives.

La La Land
Mia serves coffee in the cafeteria at the film studio and dreams of becoming the second Ingrid Bergman, but so far, she only faces failures on her castings. Sebastian reverently collects belongings of great jazzmen, and he dreams of his bohemian jazz cafe but is forced to play simple tunes for restaurant visitors. They meet by chance, and then they meet again and again; they will love each other and dream together about how all their desires will become a reality. By the number of nominations for the Golden statuette, the film repeated the record of Titanic.

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