I’ve decided to do something a little different. As you might have noticed I’ve been quite heavily involved in James Buckley’s ‘Completed it Mate’ Twitch Channel. James streams video games on Twitch, and I’ve been watching him since he started the channel about 8 months ago. I’ve been lucky enough to moderate the stream, and become an admin on the Discord channel too. I feel super lucky to call James and the Mod Squad my friends – we’re a little online cult family, and I love it. It’s wonderful to be part of something fun and positive.

A lot of the Completed it Mate family are streamers too. Awesome gamers that share their kick-ass gameplay with the world. I love watching them all, and everyone is so supportive of each other. It’s so wonderful.

Now.. I’m not going to become a Gamer and stream to the world. I couldn’t do that. I LOVE video games – heck James even got me back into them, but, between you and me – I’m a bit shit at them. I don’t think there’s a call for a fat, middle-aged man playing games badly. Still…

I want to stream.

I really like the community within streaming. The way you can instantly connect with your audience, talk with them in real-time and shape your content to what is happening in front of you. It’s exciting! I want to do that!

So – I’ve decided, I’m going to stream. 

I think I’m just going to do ‘Chatty’ streams. I want to talk to people and see what happens, maybe have a loose idea of a running order, try and get some guests every now and again. Talk about what I’ve been upto, and more importantly, talk about YOU. I think something like this would only really fly with the help of you. I don’t imagine I’m going to have loads of people watching me – especially to start with. There might be occasions where I’m just talking into a void, and it doesn’t work. I accept that, and I will push on through it.

I’m still pondering on the finer details, when I’ll stream, how often I’ll stream (maybe a few times a week?). I’m sure I’ll suss it soon. First, though, I need something from you – it’s only a small thing, but it will help me start. I’ve already set up my Twitch Account here, and it would be really awesome if you could ‘Follow’ me on there. If you’ve not signed up, then you’ll need to do that – it’s free and really straightforward. There’s also a Twitch App so you can watch and join in on your phone.

I have mused about streaming across multiple platforms at once, but it’s REALLY intensive on the computer and I don’t know if it can work flawlessly every single time. So I’ll stick to Twitch for now, and really hope some of you find me there!

Also, if you have any ideas about stuff I should do (or even shouldn’t do!), please let me know. I want you guys to be a part of it from the beginning. Ultimately, without you, I’ll just be shouting into a camera, and that’s essentially just my vlogging. So anything you can think of, drop me a comment, or a message and I’ll figure out a way of making it work. I imagine I’ll do some ‘warm-up’ streams to iron out the finer details, and then, that’ll be me good to go!

So, I think with a little bit of support from you, and the Completed it Mate cult, sorry FAMILY I think this could work?!!

Join me.


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