So in the last video you saw me tell you all about the Portal TV from Facebook, and unbox it, now it’s time to set it up!

You join me after it’s all plugged in, and follow me through the setup process! It doesn’t go entirely to plan, however, a reboot seems to fix it. As you’ll see it takes a while to get it ready – it needs software updates on the unit itself AND the remote control. Once those are done, it’s plain sailing.

I then move on to give you a quick tour of the device, and show how it can ‘follow’ you around the room. It’s hard to get the video of the screen, but the setup seems to work, and hopefully you can see what I see!

If there’s any stuff you’d like to see me cover on this, drop a comment and I’ll follow it up in future videos!

You can get your own Portal TV here – They are on promotion whereby if you buy two, you get £50! I really think this is a fab device!

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