If you are going for a trip to Myanmar, then you will be hooked upon this place, on the way. There is a route leading to Mrauk U, too, but if architecture fascinates you, then do not miss out on Bagan. 

Bagan, the beautiful and tranquil temple city, hosts several architectural wonders and pagodas which brings up enough scopes for exploration. If you are traveling from mandalay to bagan then there are several routes that you can opt for – for an adventure. The destination comprises three different towns, namely, Nyaung U, Old Bagan, and New Bagan, and each is known for its vast number of attractions. 

How To reach Bagan 

By air – Arrive at the Nyaung U Airport, which exercises daily international and domestic flight routes. You will get taxis from outside of the airport to reach the town. 

By bus – Bagan offers regular bus routes to several parts of Myanmar. You can ride day and night buses and avail VIP buses, too, to reach Bagan from Myanmar. 

By train – For the adventurous souls out there, the train journey to Bagan can be enjoyable. You can avail of frequent trains from Yangon and Mandalay. 

By boat – If you want to enjoy the beauty of Irrawaddy River, then avail boats from Mandalay to Bagan in river cruises. 

Places to visit in Bagan 

As Bagan is filled with a majority of temples, the major attractions consist of some beautiful temples only. However, the beautiful architecture will surely sweep you off your feet! 

  • Dhammayangyi Temple

Being one of the largest temple complexes in Bagan, the temple is the first place that we visited. Though the appearance of the temple is something not very impressive, yet the ancient twin Buddha statues will surely catch your sight. 

  • Minochantha Pagoda 

At first, you may feel like excluding it from your trip guide, but don’t do it. Upon getting a close view of the spectacular Pagoda style architecture, you will almost delve into the serenity and calmness of the place. 

  • Htilominlo Temple

Located halfway between Nyaung U and Old Bagan, the beautiful temple has souvenir stands and replicates the architecture of a small, flat pagoda. The terrace of the temple offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the whole town. 

Things to do in Bagan

  • Enjoy balloon rides

Enjoy hot air balloon rides in Bagan, which will help you help you fly over the pagoda fields amidst the lush green nature. 

  • Shop like a local 

Bagan has quite some local markets which sell some amazing cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, and many handicraft goods. The best part about shopping here is the fact that you can bargain your heart out. 

  • Go for a boat cruise 

Going for a boat cruise across the Irrawaddy river is the best experience that you can ever have in your lifetime. The fantastic view of the temple tops from afar, and serene nature will surely mesmerize you. 

How to get around in Bagan 

  • By e-bike or bicycle

You can rent e-bikes and bicycles alone and roam around in the town. Bagan has got may narrow streets and roads, so paddling on a bicycle or an e-bike will be very adventurous.

  • By rented cars

You can avail of several rented cars according to the number of headcounts and can enjoy great sightseeing. You can also take a local tour guide along with you for a better experience. 

  • By horse-drawn carriages

Now that’s something royal that you will get to do in Bagan. You can experience a complete city tour through the wide roads, on a horse-drawn carriage, and it will be so-so-so romantic. Must try! 

Don’t forget to let us know how you enjoyed your Bagan trip in the comments below. We wish you a very happy journey! 

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