Something I’ve not mentioned about our wedding is a story of a clutch bag. The thing is, our wedding was so small, there was nothing much that COULD go wrong. However, something that did go wrong was the clutch bag. Vicki didn’t turn into a Bridezilla at any point – there weren’t any crazy or silly demands. However one of her ‘must-haves’ for her outfit was this lovely ‘Mr and Mrs’ Kate Spade Clutch Bag. The styling was just perfect for our New York Wedding.

The bag wasn’t available new any more – it was no longer available as new, there were a few available second-hand – generally not in great condition, or RIDICULOUSLY expensive.

Thankfully, we were saved by a company that rented out handbags. Vicki found a company that would let us rent one for a modest fee, deliver it to our hotel, we could use it for the ceremony, get some fab photos, and then send it back.

Unfortunately though – when we got to New York we had a message from the rental company. The previous customer hadn’t returned the bag in a timely manner, and it wouldn’t be available for the wedding. Considering this bag was Vicki’s only real demand, it was a blow. Looking around online, we could have maybe paid more than the bag’s original price for a slightly tatty one on eBay. The company sent a replacement, which was nice enough – but just not as striking as the one we had planned.

The wedding was fabulous, and went perfectly – it was a shame that we didn’t have the clutch bag.

I must admit that since then, I’ve kept an eye out for the ‘Mr and Mrs’ Kate Spade Clutch Bag. I’ve got an eBay search for it, I regularly Google for it. As ever, there are plenty of rubbish ones knocking around, and lots of shady online stores ready to take your money (and not send you a product). It seems to be very rare in average condition and ridiculously rare in ‘new’ condition. I’ll be honest, I’d lost hope.

Vicki had an invite to a Kate Spade ‘Sample Sale’ in London today, and after a LOT of badgering from me, she decided to go for a mooch. A sample sale has a lot of stock, sample products, and discontinued lines, all available at very low prices. Vicki had a LOT of fun looking around and selected some massive bargains. As she went to pay, on the shelf behind the till, stood a brand new ‘Mr and Mrs’ Kate Spade Clutch Bag. They only had two of them for sale – Vicki snapped it up for less than the price we’d paid to rent one.

She came home with a massive grin, and it’s not faded since, and this wonderful, wonderful bag.

It’s made my day, and I’m so glad the missing piece of our wedding puzzle has been found.

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