It’s my birthday on Friday, and I’m feeling a bit flat about it.  Thing is, right now I was due to have just got back from New York (my Birthday present), I’d probably have spent my actual Birthday drinking coffee, having Brunch, then maybe having a meal out with George and James.

That’s not happening.

You obviously know why that’s not happening.

I understand why it’s not happening.

Christ, it doesn’t stop it from stinging though. I bloody love my Birthday! I have always made a conscious effort to try and avoid working on my birthday and just have a day off. My lovely family and friends would have raided my Amazon Wish List and grabbed something off it, and I’ve excitedly opened it on the big day. The recent situation has left my birthday in tatters. Realistically I’m gonna get up, crack open my cards and presents, and probably have a lovely dinner with Vicki. Of COURSE, that’s great – I just miss the normality of one of my favourite days of the year.

I have tried to help the situation – the lovely people who subscribe to my stream have sent me cards and gifts from all over the world – which is SO cool. So I will no doubt be opening all of those on the morning stream. I’ve decided that I’m going to wear my pyjamas and play xBox and fuck everything off for the day.  I will be able to see James through the window of his Mum’s house and collect the present he’s made from the doorstep. If I didn’t have that journey to make I’d have probably smashed back some Prosecco for breakfast!

I KNOW it’s temporary, and I KNOW we can head to New York when things return to normal, heck, we can even just have a nice meal out in Colchester and that will be great. The little slithers or normality and future plans are the only things keeping me sane for the moment.

Heck, I can’t even bathe in the good wishes on Facebook either – I’m avoiding that like the plague at the moment. Social Media is a challenging place right now, Facebook is the absolute fucking pits – I’ve found hiding from it the best solution.

So, wherever you find yourself on Friday 3rd April, raise a little beverage to your old (literally) mate Kip – I’ll buy you a real one after the apocalypse.


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