In what is becoming a little more common on this channel now. I’m unboxing and playing with some new shiny! This is a new light for my streaming setup! I’ve been streaming with my battery-operated filming light illuminating the scene – and it’s been fine. However I spent SO much time charging batteries and messing around with it – I needed something pro – so I got a Elgato Key Light Air.

Elgato sell two versions of their lights – the Key Light Air, and the larger, brighter, Key Light. Here you’ll see me unbox and set up the Elgato Key Light Air – I set up all the software and configure it to work with my Elgato Stream Deck too.

When you look at it, both the Key Light and the Key Light Air are pretty expensive, at £180ish and £130 respectively. However, the level of control that they give you is perfect. My streams are very unplanned and dynamic, and I’ve been able to manage my lighting from the Stream Deck with ease now.

You can grab this light using the links below –
Elgato Key Light Air
Elgato Key Light

If you’re a streamer or vlogger I’d definitely recommend checking these lights out – they produce a very balanced, stable light and the level of control is perfect.You don’t NEED a Stream Deck to control it – there is a Desktop app and a phone app too so you can control it in a multitude of ways.

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