Did you know that your zodiac sign may be related to a tarot card? The truth is that tarot cards are believed to hold secrets of our universe and it is by discovering our hidden depths that we can hope to unravel these secrets. Astrology, on its part, acts as a medium for such self-discovery, showing us our inner strengths and inclinations, and making us aware of things we were hitherto ignorant about. Tarot cards and zodiac signs may be inherently distinct, but they are both chapters of a common book.

How tarot cards are linked to every zodiac sign:

  1. Aries- Emperor Card: The tarot card shows an Emperor who stands for authority and power; Aries is also the first sign representing flame as it belongs to the fire group of zodiac signs. So, an Aries is likely to make quick and sound decisions; he can be trusted for his authority to get anything done.
  2. Taurus- Heirophant Card: The Tauran is traditional but practical, and will typically do the right thing always. This is an earth sign that has its roots in tradition and old-school methods. A Heirophant card in a tarot card reading session suggests that you could have Tauran energy. There are some reputed sites that provide free tarot reading online for your zodiac sign on a daily basis which you can avail.
  3. Gemini-Lovers Card: This is a mutable air sign which is found to go dual ways at the same time. When you can see the Lover’s Card appear during a reading it suggests that you have Gemini energy. Gems usually take a lot of time to come to a decision; they reflect dilemma. 
  4. Cancer-Chariot Card: Cancer is ruled by Moon and you can expect to see the Moon Card during a tarot card reading. But the Chariot Card is usually associated with Cancer energy; Cancerians are motivated and believe in hard work. Security is of utmost importance to Cancer and this is what the Chariot represents. The Queen of Cups can also appear during a tarot reading when Cancer energy is very important in your life.
  5. Leo-Strength Card: This is represented by a lion and symbolizes bravery, passionate energy, and courage. The Strength Card stands for loyalty and total control of situations, and the world at large. Leo is ruled by Sun and the Sun Card can also appear during a reading. The King of Wands may make an appearance if Leo energy affects your life in some way.
  6. Virgo-Hermit Card: This is a mutable earth sign that is quite and practical; Virgos are spiritual and attaches a lot of thought to everything. The Hermit takes time to move and find answers inside of him.
  7. Libra-Justice Card: This is a cardinal air sign standing for harmony and peace; Librans despise conflicts and this zodiac sign is marked by a Justice Card that symbolizes balance.
  8. Scorpio-Death Card: This sign may be accompanied with a Death Card during a reading but one should not be alarmed by this. Scorpio stands for very powerful transformations; the Death Card signifies promises of a sunny horizon.
  9. Sagittarius-Temperance Card: This is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter and the Sagittarians believe in learning about different things through explorations, usually by travelling. The Temperance Card is associated with this zodiac sign and it represents balance and harmony, an uninterrupted energy flow and unconditional love.
  10. Capricorn-Devil Card: This earth sign stands for born leaders; Capris are traditional and go by the book. At times however, the Devil rules and this is why you find the Devil Card appearing during a reading.
  11. Aquarius-Star Card: This is a fixed air sign under Uranus and represented by the Star Card. The card suggests surprises in store for the Aquarians which are out of this world.
  12. Pisces- Moon Card: This is a water sign, and highly emotional so much so that emotions get the better of them at times. The Moon Card can appear during a tarot reading and this is suggestive of Pisces energy; it stands for retreat from any situation.

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