Having a pet fish aquarium at home should not restrict your movement. Even the most enthusiastic and dedicated aquarists often need to travel away from their aquarium. Needing to move away from home isn’t enough to discourage you from keeping an aquarium.

You can keep your aquarium safe even if you have to travel a couple of days or even weeks. You can still be away and always ensure that your fish eat well, maintain a clean aquarium, and secure enough care also while you are away.

You are wondering how to take care of your aquarium while away? Here are effective ways of ensuring your aquarium fish get enough help while you are away.

  • Get Automatic Fish Feeder: With an automatic fish feeder, you can place your mind at rest about your fish starving before you get back. Automatic fish feeders will help you dispense food into the tank automatically at a set time of the day. Automatic fish feeders are easy to use and install in the aquarium. However, if you cannot afford an automatic fish feeder, don’t overload the tank with food before leaving. Overloading the container with food can be detrimental to the overall safety of the aquarium. Consequently, you should understand how long your fish can go without food. Therefore, you should just set the tank in good condition, feed them before leaving, and ensure you do not exceed how long your fish can go without feeding.
  • Provide The Aquarium With Air Pump: Air pumps will ensure that the tank gets an adequate supply of dissolved oxygen while you are away. This supply can be essential in maintaining the pH of the tank, and also lowering the risk of ammonia concentration in the tank. In case you don’t have one, you can get your quality air pump from one of the most reputable dealers like Aquael, here: https://www.aquael-aquarium.co.uk/produkty/aquaristics/air_pumps/.
  • Renew Your Aquarium Water Before Leaving: the last thing you should do right before leaving for your vacation is to carry out a full or almost full water change. Even though a partial water change would do for short holidays, more extended vacations can require you to carry out a complete water change. This water change will reduce toxins and eliminate stress in the tank while you are away.
  • Check Out The Other Tank Parameters: You should also check to ensure that all the tank parameters like pH, temperature, and water level are at an optimum level to suit the aquarium members. You should also find a way to stabilize the water temperature, especially for warm water fish.
  • Get A Fish Sitter: Aside from the automated way of taking care of your aquarium, you can also seek the help of trusted friends, fellow aquarists, and family members. These people can help you look after your aquarium while you are away.


It is a common knowledge that most aquarium fish are very hardy and require low maintenance. Nevertheless, it is not safe to leave them without proper care and leave them and proceed on vacation without ensuring that you’ve made an appropriate arrangement.

It is essential to make sure you do the needful, keep the right things in the right place before heading off for vacation.

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