The internet has never been so important to us, especially in these times of lock down and although restrictions are being relaxed there are still many things we used to take for granted that we cannot simply do or attend.

These times of social distancing can put a great deal of strain on all of us, and to combat this stress many have turned to the internet for some relaxation and fun.

Not only are we shopping more online for goods and services we are also sourcing our entertainment as well which includes playing our favourite bingo games online as the bricks and mortar ones remain closed.

Understanding the Threat of Identity Fraud

Unfortunately there will always be that criminal element that would love to get their hands on others personal information including banking details and use that information for their own ill-gotten gains. Understandably, this is a great concern for many people who are thinking about using their own hard-earned cash to have a few games and some fun online.

Knowing how to keep yourself safe whilst playing online is therefore vital, and besides the usual tips and tricks like having a reputable virus protection and not offering any passwords over there are also some other things that you can check out to make sure where you are is both safe and also fair.

Other Points to Consider When Looking For a New Bingo Site

Each day we see new online bingo sites arriving on our pages which can be a little confusing when looking for a new bingo site to play at but there are places to look if you want to choose from only the very best quality.

All professionally operating bingo comparison sites like  offer their readers a comprehensive list of great new bingo sites to try. Compiled by a team of professionals and enthusiasts they bring together all the most reputable and well-respected names in the industry, and then review and rank each new bingo sites before adding it to their pages.

The New Bingo Sites Tick List

  • First and foremost all new bingo sites must hold a current gambling license – if there is no license it will be an automatic ban
  • Deposit methods should be only the most trusted and tried methods
  • Bonuses and promotional offers should be generous and offered on a regular basis
  • Games choices should be wide and come in a selection of variations on the popular themes
  • There should be a good FAQ page on offer from any new bingo site in order for players to find those answers they need
  • Any new bingo site should be transparent and have its RNG audited by an independent agency to show that the site is both true and fair
  • There should also be a good customer service team in place to help when required.
  • The software providers should be those that are major players in the industry which means that the quality of the games will be ensured.

Only when all these major points have been ticked and only when other parts of the new bingo site has come up to scratch will they be included in the pages of New Bingo Sites, and of course if a site happens to fall below standard it will be removed thus ensuring that players can enjoy their favourite games over all operating systems, at any time and anywhere.


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