Making travel plans is a pain at the moment. The current situation is changing constantly – the news about changes to travel to Spain in the last 24 hours has caused a lot of headaches. The couple who run our village Post Office had a last minute break to Spain at the weekend. They weren’t able to get home in time, so now have to quarantine and not work in their own business for 2 weeks. We’ve got our cancelled trip to New York rebooked for November – I’m feeling nervous that it won’t happen, but trying to keep positive.

Perhaps the safest option is considering a break closer to home. Aside from the possibility of a ‘local lockdown’, you’re not going to be stranded in the UK. Some of my most memorable holidays have actually been in the UK. When I was a child we only actually went abroad once, we travelled around the UK a LOT though. Somewhere we went a lot was to the little place called Sandale – to a little cottage in the Lake District. I’ve not been up that way since George was a baby. I would really love to go back – unfortunately the cottage is now a family home, so I’d probably have to look at a hotel instead.

Me and my sister on holiday in the Lake District

I must admit that whilst the Lake District is stunning, and a lovely place to go walking. When I was younger I REALLY didn’t care for that. I’d let my Mum, Dad and Sister go trekking up fells, and I’d just sit watching TV and playing on my Sister’s Super Nintendo. I’ve never been one for doing tonnes of ‘stuff’ when I go on holiday. There is a LOT to do in the Lake District (the Pencil Museum is AMAZING). However I really just love sitting somewhere different, hands wrapped around a coffee, or a cocktail, watching the world go by.

I guess with things how they are right now, it’s probably the most sensible option to holiday in the UK. As well as being less trouble to get home, it’s really positive to support UK businesses. That said… I WILL be going to New York, just as soon as I can. However, in the meantime, a little break within these shores might be on the cards.

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