Scuba diving offers you a glimpse of marine life, and combine that with the amazing waters in Antarctica and you have the perfect underwater experience. If you have booked a holiday that involves scuba diving in Antarctica, here are a few helpful tips to ensure that you make the most out of such a unique experience.

Be Prepared for Cold Water Diving

This is hardly a dive on a pristine reef in the Caribbean, indeed, the waters are extremely cold and you will need to practice a few times with all your cold gear on, and the closest you can get to Antarctica conditions, the better. It is widely accepted that those who wish to dive in Antarctica waters should have some cold water, dry suit diving experience, otherwise the risks are too great. Ask any of the specialist providers of Antarctica scuba diving tours and expeditions and they will confirm that all divers must have adequate experience of the conditions, which would be 30 dry-suit dives.

Bring Your Own Personal Items

The dive organiser would provide you with all the scuba equipment (you are advised to use your own flippers), so you need to bring everything else that you will need. There are likely to be between 10-15 other divers, not including the dive masters, and things on the vessel will be a bit cramped so bear that in mind when packing. One point of note, the organiser will supply suitable boots for land hiking, which is an amazing experience, and you will need a comfortable pair of trainers to wear on the boat.

Underwater Filming

With such a unique opportunity, you simply must take a GoPro, and make sure you have more than enough memory, as there will be a lot to capture. Take an extra set of charging cables and a few power banks, that way, you will always be powered up and ready to film. Seals, dolphins and whales are all in abundance and you should be able to get some unique footage that includes marine life.

Adequate Experience

Most tour organisers would like to see evidence of at least 30 dry suit dives, but this might be relaxed a little if the boat is not full. The icy waters of this beautiful continent are not the place for an inexperienced diver, and as the ship’s captain assumes responsibility, he would want to see adequate cold-water diving experience.

Dive Buddies

When diving in the Antarctica, you will be assigned a dive buddy, someone who helps you get kitted up and the one that you dive with. It is essential that you both fully understand how each of you helps the other, something the divemaster would review prior to diving.

This will no doubt be an amazing experience and in order to make the most of the trip, it is important to be well-prepared. If you are going alone, you will soon make new friends aboard the ship, and if you are going with your partner, you can buddy each other.


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