Every steak lover has their preferred way to prepare their favorite cut. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way. However, not every technique you try will get the steak all juicy and sizzling.

But that’s okay. I love my steak smoky and medium. Others like their meat buttery and seared to perfection.

In this piece, I explore my five favorite ways to prepare steak. It doesn’t matter if you plan to cook filet mignon, sirloins, rib-eyes, or porterhouses; these methods will get your favorite cut all succulent and juicy.

1) Pan-frying

If you are a fan of vegetable or seed oils, pan-frying is a great way to unearth some fantastic buttery flavors. However, if you love the juice that comes from inside the steak, pan-frying might not be for you.

While I won’t dive into how to pan-fry steak, you can be assured that this is the best method for getting the meat to an excellent brown. One issue with pan-frying is that it rarely cooks appropriately in the center. In the process of trying to get the center, you could overcook the meat or burn it.

2) Grilling

When most steak lovers think about preparing steak, the first thing that comes to mind is grilling. Grilled usually makes the best-tasting steak out there – my perspective, though.

It can be smoky if you use a charcoal grill, but that improves its taste. You also get the full flavors of the steak because it cooks with its juices.

Asides from cooking, it’s also a fantastic social experience. While it can be challenging to master, it can make for a great social event with friends and family.

3) Sous-Vide

If you are looking for a method that guarantees a precise and evenly cooked center, then sous-vide is it. Sous-vide is achieved by vacuum sealing the meat and cooking it for an hour or more in temperature-controlled water. After cooking, it is then seared.

This method is the staple of 3-Star Michelin chefs. While the taste is outstanding, it can be too arduous for an everyday steak lover. The equipment is also expensive. Lastly, not many people want to wait as long as an hour or more before cutting the steak up for consumption.

4) Broiling

Broiling is another popular method, especially in restaurants. A lot of people enjoying ordering a broiled steak and try to prep their meat at home the same way. However, it took me over four or five tries before I could get an adequately broiled meat. This is probably because home ovens usually can’t reach the temperature levels needed to cook the meat properly.

In that process, you run the risk of overcooking or burning the meat as you wait for it to cook through the center evenly. However, broiled does taste nice. It is one of those methods that guarantee you the unadulterated flavor.

5) Sear Roasting

The last but not the least is sear roasting. This is one of my favorite methods, even though it’s slightly similar to pan-frying in that it requires the use of oils to get juicy and flavor-filled.

Sear roasting involves pre-heating your oven and skillet to 500°F and upwards. Once both are hot enough, you lay your buttered or oiled steak on the skillet and sear both sides. You then put it into the oven and cook for an hour.

It’s a great-tasting option; however, it rarely cooks evenly. But if you love crusty steak, this is a great way to prepare your meat.

Final Thoughts

When appropriately prepared, steak can be a heavenly meal. These five methods are my best ways for cooking steak, in no particular order. What’s yours?

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