Embarking on a brand-new adventure with your family doesn’t have to involve setting off on a world-travelling adventure. Taking in a new animal can blend learning with fun at home, and it teaches kids to be responsible.

You’re probably used to the typical dog, cat, fish, or hamster variety. However, if you really want this to be an adventure, try taking home one of these less common household pets!

  1. Chickens

Chickens are fun, cute, and relatively low-maintenance pets. The only real investment is their living arrangements. Once you have a coop and a few chickens, the rest is just about feeding them regularly and protecting them from weather and predators. If you are nice and patient, your chickens may even lay you some exciting surprises in their coop!

Be sure to look at local regulations regarding whether or not you can raise chickens outdoors in your county or state.

Also, be sure you get the appropriate gear to ensure your chickens are comfortable and safe. According to daltonengineering.co.uk, you should get high-quality feeders and cooling systems for your new pets.

  1. Lovebirds

Speaking of birds, these small, colourful, loud birds are difficult to care for. However, they are fun to teach and train and can live up to 15 years!

This is a great animal to buy for attentive and enthusiastic families that are excited to take on a challenge. Lovebirds can play with toys just like a cat or dog would and will vocalize by chirping.

Training a lovebird as a family can be a great way to bond. Birds are different from cats or dogs and can take longer to train. When you really bond with your lovebird, they will show you affection. Some lovebirds will show affection by nuzzling and snuggling with you or eating with you, and others prefer a bit of distance and less physical touch.

  1. Red-Eared Slider

Did you know that red-eared sliders initially come about the size of a quarter? These tiny creatures continue to grow and can live decades if cared for properly.

Turtles are great animals because they can play inside and outside of their semi-aquatic habitat. All you need to appropriately care for a turtle is a large tank, lots of water, a water filter, a heat lamp, and lots of land area for them to bask on.

As your turtle gets older, it will start to need larger and larger tanks. Many pet owners are tempted to let them go in the wild, but because they were raised in captivity many will meet an untimely end in the wild. They are also invasive species in many areas where they can be purchased as a pet.

If you want a lovable indoor pet for your family to raise and enjoy, the red-eared slider is a perfect choice.

  1. Foster a Rescue Pet

Instead of picking up a brand new, well-bred puppy, try spending some family time taking care of a rescued animal. This is a great choice for families that want to welcome a furry friend into their home but aren’t sure if they can be long-term pet owners.

You can choose a pet to foster based on the resources that you have available. If you have a large backyard and lots of time to spend with the pet, opt for a younger dog that needs lots of walks, medicine, and attention.

If your family is busy all day and only home in the evenings, perhaps an older, more well-behaved foster pet is better for your situation.

The Bottom Line

Bringing a new pet into the house can be a great way to have fun, try new things, learn, and bond as a family. Give some of these less common pets a chance!

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