What is roulette? It is, probably one of the most fascinating casino games ever made. The adrenaline of the game and the suspense of the gamble are two essential components of it. What makes this game extremely attractive is its unpredictable nature.

The rules are easy to understand and remember, and everyone can play, even it if they do not have previous experience in playing casino games. I must admit I’m partial to finding games with bonuses like – book of dead free spins

In this guide I’ll give you a quick rundown of how to play European Roulette

How to play Roulette
All starts when the Dealer spins the wheel: the plate of Roulette runs anticlockwise and after a few seconds, the Dealer spins the little white ball in a clockwise direction.

Players can start betting just after the Dealer opens the “dances” and before declaring the end of the betting time. All the bets placed after the Dealer has declared closed the game won’t be accepted.

There are multiple ways to win, and each of them will be paid accordingly, it depends on the amount that Players decide to bet and the combination that they choice.

In its classic version, there are 37 boxes, each box represents a number starting from 0 to 36. All the numbers are Black or Red apart from the number 0, which does not have a colour associated to it. Then, if Players bet on colour rather than on a combination of number, and the ball lands on number zero, they will not win anything. Below we are going to list a few examples of bets that a Player can choose.

How to bet on Roulette
The Player can bet on a single number and then gets his bet multiplied by 35, or bets on a couple, by placing the “Chip” between two numbers on the table, either horizontally or vertically, and this will get him paid 17 times the initial bet.

There are various possibilities to choose from, bet on three numbers, bet on four winning numbers by placing the “Chip” on the cross between them, or even a line of six or twelve. Players have the freedom to select just the colour on where the ball will land or if the number underneath, the white sphere, will be odd or even. All the bets have something in common, they can be placed only while the ball is still spinning. The Dealer won’t consider valid the bets placed when the ball has already stopped.

Final Thoughts
Basically, this table game has more pros than cons, it is easy to play, easy to understand and even easy to win. If you want, you can keep playing for a very long time just by placing easy wins, for example by betting on the colour, where you have the 50% of possibilities to double your bet, or betting on a dozen, where your chances of victory will be one on three.

Luck is always a good friend and playing Roulette will give you the possibility to help it. Do not forget to keep playing only if you are getting fun, the secret to win is to know when to stop playing.

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