Having a baby sure does come with a lot of accessories! If you were to buy every single parenting product out there, you would find yourself absolutely snowed under with gadgets that in all likelihood you would never use.

However, there are a few products out there that really do make a parent’s life easier.

Video baby monitors

If you are an anxious parent, it can be tempting to check on the baby several times throughout the course of an evening. This is not good for you, because you do not get to sit, rest and reconnect with your adult companions, and it is not good for the baby because in all likelihood you will disturb them!

Video baby monitors are an absolute revelation. They will detect times in the night when your baby moves around and you can check to see what they are doing from the comfort of the sofa or your own bed. This means that you only get up to check on them when they really need you to. Plus, you can watch them sleep without waking them up which is always pretty heartwarming!

White noise machines

A lot of parents absolutely swear by their white noise machines. The idea of a white noise machine is that it creates a soothing background sound that can help babies to fall asleep and can also block out ambient sounds such as traffic noise or other people in the house. This helps them to stay asleep for longer.

It is important to be careful if you are going to use a white noise machine, as some were found to exceed the recommended noise limit for babies, which could have long term effects on hearing. It is also possible for children to become dependent on white noise machines to fall asleep, which could cause issues when they are older and you want them to be able to sleep without one.

Weaning bibs

A simple idea, but such an effective one. This weaning bib with long sleeves from Bibado is designed to be fitted to the highchair so that there is no gap for food to fall down!

This could save parents loads of time on clean up because you just pick up the bib and wash it rather than having to scrub at the mushed-up food stuck to a chair or the floor.

Remote bottle warmer

When you have to wake up at 3 am to feed your child, you generally want the experience to be over with as quickly as possible so you can go back to bed!

A great innovation for parents is the remote bottle warmer. You set up your nightly feed before you go to bed, and as soon as your child cries you hit a button on the remote and the machine will start heating it up for you, meaning you can just go and pick it up and you are good to go.

Bath mats

Bath mats are not a new invention, but they are really important! They will keep your child from slipping over and provide you with a safe surface to put them on when you get them out of the bath.

You can double the use of your bath mat by getting one with pockets too, so you have easy access to all of your baby soaps and shampoos.

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