Traveling to other countries is a fantastic way to have new experiences and learn about other cultures. However, you also need to be extremely careful when traveling outside of your home country, as other cultures have different norms and expectations. What might be acceptable in your own culture might be considered highly offensive and rude in another culture. Although you may not intend to be offensive, it’s very easy for cultural differences to lead to you accidentally being rude while in a foreign country. So how exactly can you avoid an embarrassing miscommunication that can offend locals? Here’s how to be polite in other countries. 

Do Your Research

One of the most important parts of being polite in another country is doing the proper research before your vacation. Some countries and cultures may be extremely similar to your own, meaning that not a lot of research needs to be done. For example, an American traveling to Canada to view St. Albert real estate likely won’t have to worry about doing too much research into cultural differences. However, some countries and cultures are vastly different from one another. If you’re traveling to another continent or a location that is far away, then you definitely should do lots of research into the local culture and what to avoid. Doing some research helps you learn about what the local culture deems offensive and can allow you to avoid some very embarrassing situations.

Minimize Body Language and Gestures

Another great way to play it safe and avoid offending anyone on your travels is by minimizing body language and gestures. While some people might think that body language and gestures might be universal, that isn’t the case. A gesture that might be harmless in your culture might be very offensive and downright insulting in another culture. If you haven’t done the research into what gestures to avoid in a certain culture or just want to play it safe, it’s probably best to minimize the number of gestures you make while in another country. 

Learn the Local Language

Learning a little bit of the local language is a great way to show locals that you care about their culture and are interested in it. While you certainly don’t need to become fluent before your trip, just putting in a little effort into learning the language can go a long way. Not everyone in the world is going to speak your native language, and you shouldn’t expect them to make an effort to if you don’t reciprocate it. In fact, some locals may even find it insulting if you don’t at least put some effort into learning basic phrases and questions in the local language. Knowing some of the local languages allows you to hold some polite conversations with locals, further showing that you respect the local people and language.  

Blend in With Locals

When traveling in a foreign country, it can sometimes be easy to be outed as a tourist. Being identified as a tourist is a bad thing, as you’ll stick out like a sore thumb and draw unwanted attention to yourself. This unwanted attention could include criminal activity, as pretty thieves and other criminals may view you as easy targets. However, it’s also just simply polite to blend in and match the local crowds. If the local population has a specific way of dressing, then you should try to emulate that style as best as possible. Not only does this not draw unwanted attention to yourself, but it also shows the local population that you have made an effort to understand and appreciate their culture. 

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