If you’ve been on the fence about adopting a puppy, then you’ve probably heard horror stories from some owners and fairy tale experiences from others. In reality, your life with a dog will most definitely change but perhaps not in the ways you imagine. 

While it certainly is a challenge, the reward is a loving companion who will quickly become your best friend. So let’s look at the 5 few ways your life will be reformed with a pup in the home.

1. Scheduling Will Never Be The Same

Say you were invited on an impromptu trip with some pals, but you’ll be in a hotel where dogs aren’t permitted. You either must cancel on your friends or find a dog sitter asap. If you do decide to head off for that long weekend, you’ll spend the whole time stressed about how anxious your dog is without you!

But even simple routines will be tossed out the window. If your dog has to pee at 5 a.m., that means you’re putting on shoes and clothes, no matter the weather, and heading outside. 

Feeding, exercise, and trips to the potty will become necessary new routines. These tasks don’t have to be stressful though, in fact, these routines can change your life for the better…

2. You Will Be Healthier

According to Harvard Medical School, adopting a dog leads to lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and reduces anxiety. The daily exercise from walks and trips to the park will get you moving and breathing fresh air. 

Playing games and cuddling will cut down any loneliness you may be feeling. The bond you form with your dog is very real and proven to support mental well-being. Taking your dog on walks also introduces you to more people than you’d expect…

3. All Butts Must Be Sniffed

Every other pup and owner you meet on a walk will want to say hello, whether you do or not. The dogs will sniff each other or even bark or snap if they don’t like each other’s scent. In the midst of all this mayhem, you’ll be forced to make small talk with a stranger.

If you are trying to become more social, a dog is a great way to meet new people, but if you are naturally introverted, this could be an unexpected hurdle that will take some getting used to.

4. You Will Be More Responsible

Before you have children, a dog can be an important transitional step. A dog requires plenty of effort, and you’ll have to take care of their every need. Being in charge of a living creature is a big responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. 

But once you’ve taken on the role of caretaker for an animal, you’ll very quickly realize this was meant to be, and next time you’ll gladly cancel on your friends to take care of your dog.

5. They Can Support You Emotionally 

Your dog can be a great comfort during day-to-day life. But beyond that, if you suffer from mental health issues, you could consider seeing if your dog qualifies for emotional support animal certification. Once a licensed medical professional determines your mental health would be improved through dog ownership, you can get your pup ESA certified.

With ESA registration, you can live in “no-pet” buildings and have documentation to prove the necessity of your animal. You might be surprised how you can come to depend on your dog as much as they depend on you.

The love you build with your dog will have high and lows like any relationship, but it’s a decision you will not regret.

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