As the country gets back to normal and more and more people get vaccinated, the future is looking bright. But that’s not to say any of us should let our guard down just yet.

With the Delta variant still creating thousands of cases in the UK, there’s still a high chance that you might need to quarantine. And if you find yourself having to, here are a number of activities you can do to pass the time.

We all need to do our bit to reduce the spread of the virus, so make sure to download the NHS track and trace app and quarantine when required.

Write letters to friends

In the world of social media, it can be easy to think we’re just as connected to our friends as we used to be. But when was the last time you actually checked in with your nearest and dearest, rather than just liking their latest status?

The art of writing letters may feel like a thing of the past, but everyone loves to receive post that isn’t related to speeding tickets or bills to pay.

Write a letter to your best friend, or find a pen pal service to start writing to someone new. There are even options to write to prisoners if that’s your style.

You might have taken time over the lockdown to reflect on the past and could take the time to write a letter to those you’ve hurt, those who have hurt you, or those you miss.

Learn a new language

As we all wait patiently to hear which countries are on the green list, there’s still time to get yourself familiarised with a new language. You can get started with free apps or websites or even copy people on YouTube.

Book a virtual PT session

If you’re missing the gym during quarantining, why not book in with a PT online? This is a great way to feel like you’re keeping up with your exercise while also supporting those whose businesses will have inevitably struggled over the past year.

Try your hand at bingo

If you’d prefer a minimum effort quarantine, why not try your hand at online games like bingo, or take it old school with Solitaire? You can find fun and light-hearted games on this bingo sites reviewer to get started.

Have a movie marathon

When was the last time you had hours and hours to kill? If you’re quarantining and not having to work from home, take this time to have the ultimate movie marathon you’ve always dreamt of. Whether it’s the full Marvel Universe in order, or the Lord of the Rings trilogy plus The Hobbit prequels, grab the popcorn and try to stay awake!

Quarantining after having so much freedom sucks. But just remember back to the first lockdown and re-ignite some of those hobbies you started to get yourself through. In a week or so, who knows, you could be bilingual, a fitness fanatic, or fully equipped for a movie-themed pub quiz.

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