When you first pass your drivers test you will have such a sense of accomplishment. There will be so much excitement and so many things you want to do. It will all be rushing through your head but there are also some other important things you need to make sure you do first. 

The first thing you will want to do is take someone experienced to check the car with you. There are certain things you may miss or that you aren’t aware of, as well as not knowing the right questions to ask. Someone who has been driving a long time will be very valuable to you in these situations. Although you will most likely be working on a budget and not wanting to get a top of the range car, you still want a decent car that will last a good amount of time and not break straight away. Another extremely important aspect is to check it has an MOT and what the outcome was.

Then you will want to look at insuring the car. Be sure to know exactly what you are looking for when getting insurance for the first time and if there are ways to make it cheaper and more affordable for you. You can look to take out car insurance with Call Wiser which will offer you a great price. 

One of the great pastimes and something you can look to tick off your bucket list is by planning a road trip with your friends. When you learn to drive the world is your oyster and you can go anywhere. There is so much to see, so many hidden gems even quite close to you. So do a bit of research and find some of the most beautiful spots and add them to your road trip destination list. 

When you get your first car you have to clean it yourself. Put a bit of elbow grease in and spend time getting to know your car. Clean the outside and the inside. The pandemic has made everyone very concerned about cleanliness but with things like cars you want to keep them as clean as you can. There are little nooks and crannies like the glove box that you will need to clean and under the seats, as a lot of times these are the places people forget about.

When you get your first car it is important to make sure you don’t end up as a taxi. It is exciting being able to drive your friends around but you don’t want to end up doing it all the time or have people take advantage of you, especially if they aren’t paying for fuel. It can be very expensive and you will still need to use it to get to school/work as well as important things like dropping your kids off at school. 

These things are great to incorporate into your schedule when you finally pass your drivers test and are ready to hit the road and explore what our beautiful world has to offer.

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