Sleeping well is a guarantee of good health, both physical and mental. Unfortunately, sometimes sleep is hard to find for some of us. Or that we wake up during the night. So what are the keys to a successful night? How to sleep well? How do we wake up in the morning and hear our alarm clocks and want to get out of bed? Can it be done? The digital alarm clock doesn’t have to be a foe, but a friend – and this may lead you onto another tangent and wonder, how the digital alarm clock became a thing. You don’t have to worry about dragging yourself out of bed when the alarm goes off, because hopefully you have had a pretty decent night’s sleep.

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Get rid of anxiety to sleep well

To slip into sleep, we must get our mind to frolic in a field of positive thoughts. At least not anxiety-provoking. Some will be able to count the sheep as tradition dictates. But the ineffectiveness of this focusing method has already been demonstrated. On the other hand, there are audio tracks or applications dedicated to falling asleep that do the job. Operating on the principle of hypnosis, they allow true relaxation. Relaxation, ASMR, stories to fall asleep: search the web to find your natural sleeping pill. A good book in bed is also recommended.

Plants for better sleep

Among the allies of a good night, there are plants coming straight from the land of Morpheus. In infusions or in diffusion, lavender, chamomile, passionflower and small grain bigarade have no equal when it comes to preparing for sleep. To take advantage of their virtues, you can make a pillow mist by mixing a few drops of essential oil from the plants mentioned with a dispersant. Spray it on your bed a few minutes before bedtime. You can also choose to ingest these plants as an herbal tea, in which case a maximum of one hour before bedtime to avoid the nighttime urge to go to the bathroom. These plants are also useful when you wake up to help you fall asleep again, just like a good warm milk.

Another plant that will help with sleep is the Red Vein Kratom – recognisable by their bright red color on their leaf veins , they have natural properties to aid sleep.

Ban the excitement? 

Certain drinks, foods or practices are not recommended a few hours before bedtime. 

Drinking coffee too late in the day can have a negative impact on falling asleep but also on the quality of sleep. The same goes for alcohol, which while it can have a soporific effect can also make sleep restless, or even wake you up in the middle of the night. Overeating has the same effect, but going to bed on an empty stomach also promises a bad night’s sleep too. This can also lead to depression if you get into poor eating habits.

A room dedicated to sleep 

We sleep and fall asleep much better in a room dedicated solely to sleep. Turn off the phones, the computer or the TV. To sleep well, the bedroom must be inspiring, pleasantly decorated and relaxing. It should also ideally be the quietest room in the house. Finally, the temperature should not be too high, and your mattress well suited to your back.

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