Yes, we know that getting a new phone is always an exciting feeling. However, the joy of holding something new in your hands fades after just a few weeks or months of owning the phone. New accessories are always something that excites everyone, and that goes for the phone as well. We have compiled a list of the 5 best accessories that will not only prolong the joy of your new phone but also up your iPhone game.

Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack

Apple’s move to wireless headphones is cool and innovative, but now you are stuck with the headphones you paid a lot of money for and love the sound quality of. So get that headphone adapter and enjoy the wired life again – do not sacrifice your love for the things you already have! We know wireless headphones or those with a lightning connection is an option, but you just spent a lot of money on your phone, and we can guarantee that spending a couple of hundreds more is not in your plans…

Burga Tough Case

A new phone is a great feeling, but after a few weeks, you get used to it. Refresh the look of your iPhone with a stylish phone case. Burga has over 100 fashion-inspired designs that not only look luxurious but feel luxurious too. But beautiful is not the only thing that they can offer. The double-layered design of the tough cases provides shock-proof qualities that will protect your phone, even when gravity takes over.

Ainope Gravity Phone Mount

A good phone mount is a must if your phone serves as a music player, navigation device, and hands-free speakerphone. The Ainope Gravity phone mount is suitable for displays from 4 to 6.7 inches, even if your phone is in a thick protective case. It easily clamps your phone all-around when you slide it into the mount. The improved grip will not let you down on bumpy roads, and the easy access to the ports lets you charge your phone quickly and with ease.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

With this portable photo printer, you can turn your phone into an instant camera, but into one that will supersede the original one! With just one click, you’ll have the picture you want, not the picture you just got. Plus, you can make multiple copies of the same picture, so share it! And we say that with a guarantee because you can print any picture from your phone’s gallery and never run out of a film because you always know how the picture will turn out. So no more ruined pictures where someone’s eyes are closed.

Apple AirTags: Keep Your Items Safe and Secure

We all have experienced moments, when we are unable to find the keys we were holding just a moment ago, or our wallet runs away when we have to run to the store. But with the Apple AirTag, you do not have to worry anymore. Simply sync an Apple AirTag to your iPhone and clip it to the items you tend to lose most often. No more searching blindly for your items, as they now can respond to you! This one of the latest Apple accessories will upgrade your iPhone game and your quality of life.

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