Like other social media platforms, Instagram is a great way to share photos. To do it well, you need the perfect profile picture. But sometimes, it can be hard to choose the right profile picture. The picture you choose for your Instagram profile will have a big impact on how your account is perceived by others. It’s what stops someone from looking at your profile and takes a few moments to decide whether or not to click. Having a good profile picture is as important as being able to Buy Instagram followers on Buzzoid. Together, they make for a combined image of a company that is successful.

So, how do you choose a great Instagram profile picture?

Instagram is a place to show off your life, and your Instagram profile picture is the first thing people see when they browse your account. That means you want a profile picture that says something about you or your company.

Here are some tips that can help you pick the best Instagram profile picture:

  • Select between your brand logo or headshot to be your Instagram profile picture. What does your profile pic, banner, and bio all have in common? They represent you and make you who you are. They are what you want to represent you, your brand, and your interests. Try using the company’s logo or brand profile pic as a background or pic to use. Use some color, perhaps the logo color or brand colors. If you use the logo as a background, try making it stand out more by cropping it, adding a filter, or adding text to overlay it.
  • Crop your photo to its perfect size. Picking the best Instagram profile picture is an important step in starting your Instagram profile. Picking the right size will depend on the type of content you want to deliver. For portraits, you may want to incorporate a selfie of you or photos of you with your family. An image of a family-run company can prove to be a selling point for a business. You can cut your screen to show the product in action for product videos. However, the Instagram logo is 6 x 6, so your profile picture should be centered and square.
  • You can’t go wrong with a high-resolution image. Your Instagram profile is one of the first places a user’s first impression is formed. Your profile picture should be eye-catching yet professional. Having the wrong photo makes your profile look unprofessional. A high-resolution image without too much background is best. If you include a person in the photo, make sure they are recognizable.
  • Pay attention to lighting. For best results, snap your Instagram profile picture where there’s natural light. If that’s not possible, avoid shooting your photos next to a window and look for the sunniest spot. The optimal lighting will make your face appear more radiant, and the resulting photo will look more professional.
  • Consider your brand identity. Instagram has become more than a place to showcase your snap-worthy vacation photos. It’s a marketing platform used by millions of businesses to promote themselves and engage with customers. As Instagram continues to grow, businesses are beginning to see its value in reaching their audience. However, before you hit the “go live” button, take a moment to think about how you want your brand to appear on Instagram. Well, your brand’s profile photo should reflect your core identity. It should be a variation of your logo or a graphic representing your business. A photo of your product or your team is an especially great choice!
  • Incorporate some vibrant colors in your photo.  Instagram is all about being your authentic self, at least that is what they want us to think. However, you can’t post mushy, unfiltered photos of yourself all day long without followers noticing. One of the most popular tips on Instagram is to add a pop of color to your profile photo. Adding a vibrant pop of color to your profile icon is one of the best Instagram profile picture tips. With so many recent Instagram profile picture tips about choosing the perfect selfie (no, not the one with your boyfriend) and using your phone’s camera to improve your photos, it can be difficult to stand out with profile pics that are anything but selfies.
  • Use contrast and elements of design. When it comes to picking your next profile picture, you need to remember that there are only so many ways you can express yourself. If you want your profile to stand out, you can use contrast and elements of design to make your profile picture pop. An image that contrasts the backdrop (in this case, the white of the page) is always a great way to draw the eye in.

Further Photography Tips

Consider hiring a professional photographer because it can be worth it when you consider how many times your profile image, company or personal, can potentially be viewed online.

Look in family albums, as there might be the perfect photo you could scan in and use that you had forgotten about.

Ask Advice

It may pay to ask the opinion of others when deciding on your profile picture for Instagram because someone else can look at it without bias. A natural pose will invariably look more professional than a funny one, but on the other hand, a funny one might attract attention. It all depends on what type of business you have and the kinds of customers you are looking to attract. As everyone can see, picking the best Instagram profile picture is not as easy as it seems. And picking a picture that will catch people’s attention, make them click twice, and be remembered forever is no easy feat.  Instagram’s profile pictures are your first opportunity to make a good impression. An impression that will increase followers rather than reduce them. That means your profile picture should be professional, clear, and attractive. Take note of the above-listed tips to ensure that you are well-guided with your Instagram profile photo. Consider buying followers if your profile is not achieving what you want it to or as quickly as it ought to.

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