You’ve decided you want to start an Instagram account, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, the first thing to do is to pick an area that interests you. The best accounts have a focus, and yours will need one too. Choose something you are passionate about such as make-up or travel, as this will lead to better content, and you’ll enjoy posting it more.

But, what else do you need? Well, follow these top tips:

Signing Up

You’ll need to sign up to Instagram using an email address and choose a username. Your username should ideally reflect the focus of your account. For example, if you’re posting about local hotspots in London, you may want to tailor your username to something along the lines of ‘London Hotspot Finder’.

You’ll also want to have a good profile picture, as this will help draw people in. A great way to create a profile picture is to use Canva. Canva offers many free graphics, and you can use them to personalize your stories and posts, as well as to help you establish a ‘brand’ or a ‘style’. A perfectly coordinated account with matching posts and pictures really stands out.

What Should I Post?

The most successful accounts are those with the most visual elements to them. If you’re going to post reviews of food, you’ll want to make sure that your photos are colorful and eye-catching. Consider investing in a new camera, such as a Sony camera. The ZV-1 is a good shout as it can also create high-quality Vlogs. Many Instagram accounts these days are utilizing videos more and more, so consider whether you want to incorporate videos into your account too.

In addition, you should also consider whether your laptop is up to scratch when it comes to graphic design or editing photos. You should check out a top Lenovo laptop to really help you in your journey to becoming a top influencer. It’s always important to have the right tools for the job!

How To Generate Interest

Now that you’ve got your focus and brand sorted, you just need to get followers. One of the easiest ways to get followers is to follow accounts in the same or wider genre you’re interested in. Generally, you’ll find that particular Instagram communities like to follow one another, so it’s a great way to not only build your account, but also keep in touch with like-minded individuals. Make sure to interact with those who follow you!

Another easy way to get followers is to add friends and family. After all, your mum is usually your biggest fan!

What Next?

Well, now you’ve chosen your focus, set up your brand, and gotten yourself some followers, you need to put up posts and stories. A good tip is not to post too much content in one day, to avoid your posts getting lost in people’s feeds. You should also make sure to keep on top of the latest trends to stay relevant. But other than that, just enjoy!

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